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Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 at 17:37


Our Forum is moderated to uphold a fairly standard netiquette to avoid upsetting others, creating havoc and to minimise post deletions. The site Terms of Use in conjunction with the Forum Rules and Moderation Policy explains everything you need to know regarding appropriate conduct in the ExplorOz Forum. Our quick rules summary is outlined below:
  • No Personal Attacks - no abuse, or insults

  • No Foul Language - no swearing, or covert swearing

  • No ‘Trolling’ - which refers to people who solely communicate with others in an attempt to stir up a riot

  • No Inappropriate or Illegal Material - see Site Terms of Use

  • No "For Sale" or "Wanted to Buy" - use our Trader for these messages

  • No Advertising/Self-Promotion - see options within our Business Membership program

  • No Spamming

  • No Defamatory comments

  • No Complaints about Moderation

  • No Chit Chat - send an MM instead

  • No Off Topic Posts - keep your posts relevant

  • No more than 1 Friday Funny post, and only on Fridays
If you feel any of these rules are breached, please alert us by using the Alert Moderator button.
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