EOTopo History: 01 Nov 2013 - 2013.3 (Online & 200K Release)

Friday, Nov 01, 2013 at 16:32


Another few solid weeks on EOTopo and we have now released the latest update to the online map server system. In this update we have finalised the Geoscience data layers and installed all available layer into the product. One thing we found was the the standard filters applied to produce the NatMap products made some attributes and features not visible on the Topo maps. We have addressed this and updated the filters to support our production 200K series output desire. So you are in fact getting more data on the EOTopo than was shown in the Natmap Topo products.

We also increased the slopeshade display percentage for this release to make the relief really stand out.

We have also published a legend for the maps and this is available from the EOTopo Online page or if you want to have a look now see the EOTopo 200K Legend.

The tiles server is building the tiles on demand at the moment so some mapping tile displays may appear to be slow. If they are slow it is because you are the first to request the display in a certain area so in the background our map server will build the map and deliver the image to your computer (this takes about 10-15secs). Once it has built these tiles they are cached on our server system so that subsequent people who want the same tile will just get the image directly from cache.

Hope you enjoy the latest updates to EOTopo Online, all ExplorOz map displays will be implementing these updates automatically.
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