EOTopo History: 22 Nov 2013 - 2013.4 (Update)

Friday, Nov 22, 2013 at 20:40


We have an excellent process running now in terms of the updates. We are rationalising the user supplied data from UserTreks and verifying the accuracy of these routes. We are building a really accurate view of this data and overlaying this on the main mapping product and we are able to adjust the road network with a really high level of accuracy. Before the roads data is updated we validate the data against the existing roads network, cross check it with Satellite and street level data and then apply updates.

We have a new update key and are able to track the progress across the team. Here is a snap shot of the update work this week.
The key is as follows:
Red: All road data validated to 50K including all known names and alignments
Orange: All primary road data validated to 200K
Green: Road network updated but not validated to Orange level
No Colour: Well these have not been done as yet

So as you can see the whole of VIC is updated and this includes things link Eastlink, Mornington & Geelong Bypasses, the list is actually huge in VIC they have built a lot of roads.

I am loading this new road database and several other layer updates to the server tonight and will start a flush of the tiles but this is not going to affect the release number - really it is a backup measure for me to ensure work to date is backup up on the web servers.

The 2013.5 release is scheduled to go online still on the 1st Dec.


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