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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2009 at 13:34


Member Messaging allows Members-only to use an instant online private message system to communicate with other Members. All ExplorOz Members (including ExplorOz Business Members) can send and receive Member Messages to one another without sharing email addresses and without being seen by anyone else.

All messages sent will alert the recipient through two means - an orange alert tab saying new message will appear on the toolbar next to the MyProfile tab AND an email will be sent containing the message (provided the recipient has opted-in to receive this via their subscription settings.

To send a message you need to find the special link to the recipient Member's MM account. This can be found on their profile page. You can search for Member Profile pages from the Members List, or you can use the link shown in the footer of any posts or blogs by that Member.

The amount of text you can send per message is limited - look for red highlights to indicate when you've exceeded the allowable quota. Photos, files and links are not supported. For requirements of sending photos or larger files we suggest you send a message requesting an email address. Member Message is a secure way of sharing your contact details over the Internet.
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