EOTopo History: 02 Dec 2013 - 2014 (Online & 200K Release)

Monday, Dec 02, 2013 at 11:12


Roads Update:
4681 LINE item updates/additions have been made to the base roads data of 460363 LINE items. These updates have been applied as per the update grid image below:
Orange squares have been checked to 1:200K scale, Red have been checked and updated to 1:50K scale or better, Clear are yet to be checked, The Green lines are the actual roads that have been updated.

The main bulk of the updates has been main road realignments and additions in the capital cities. These updates have been sourced from user treks, emailed updates, stored data, online map and satellite sources.

The size of the text field for Textnote has been increased in roads to ensure all labels fit. Long labels have been re-worded. The Textnote field contains data such as restrictions, walk track follows, and other on-road notations.

Walking Tracks: A whole new Heysen trail route has been added based on the latest alignments. The base data was missing many sections of this trail, so the entire trail was replaced with new data. The source level accuracy of this added data is better than 1:10K. Adjusted font size max and line width for all Walking Tracks to ensure easier identification and ability to follow all lines.

Vertical Obstructions: Layer set to Title case. Updated output to ensure NAME and feature type will be displayed for elements that have a name. Affects: Tower, Lookout, Chimney, Mast, Wind Turbine & Silo. Removed duplicate titles from Textnote field to ensure no items are called "Black Mountain Tower Tower", for example.

Adjusted font size max for cleared lines. There was no max value so it was possible for fonts to get too large when viewed in EOTopo Online at 1:54K scale.

200K Product: The whole country and each of the state images now includes a full legend with scalebar.

This is a major update and therefore a new version of EOTopo 200K has been created. The latest version is now 2014. All stock in our warehouse is being switched over to 2014 and orders for the product will be held till the new 2014 stock arrives in the warehouse, which is expected 5th December.
As of today, 1st December, all customers will receive the latest version.

2013.3 Under the Lifetime Upgrade Policy, customers who have previously purchased the 2013.3 release will be able to access the new version if desired. Details will be sent to directly to those customers.
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