EOTopo History: 17 Dec 2013 - 2014.2 (Online, 1M & 2.5M )

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 at 15:27


So what happened to 2014.1 - well we released two maps with this label being the new downloadable 2.5M & 1M scale maps. There was an issue with the Non-Perennial lakes and some other labels. We already had 200 downloads so it was decided to that 2014.1 needed to be updated to 2014.2 to ensure no confusion about which is the correct map. If you downloaded these and they say 2014.1 in the upper left information panel then please come back and download the 2014.2 versions.

As mentioned there are now downloads available of EOTopo maps in ECW, OZF, TIF & MMF. These are available on the EOTopo page. A 2.5M map is freely available to everyone, the 1M map is for existing EOTopo 200K customers - these maps have been released at 2014.2 with the updates mentioned below included.

2014.2 Updates:

Unsealed Roads: These layers have been fully re-labelled, priority, size, style and placement in order to ensure the best readability and ability to place as many labels on the map as possible. The new labels are done in black text and do not use the FOLLOW placement model - they use AUTO ANGLE placement. Priority adjusted to 8. This was updated and tested looking at the Mt Baw Baw area of the Vic High Country. So to see the results of this action zoom into this area on the map - use the Search system and look for 'Baw Baw'.

Airport Labels: The label min scale was set to 150K thus the Airport labels were not output on the 200K product. This min has been adjusted to 250K and the font set to wrap on space character with max-length 10.
Dam Walls: Name label added to output. Name field adjusted to Title case.
Seas: Added Ocean name labels at zoom scales less than 3M.
Lakes, Waterbody and Watercourses: Adjust the label priority to 3 to make it overwrite Reserve labels when there is a name available.

Lakes: Non-Perennial lakes were not appearing correctly on the map. This has been fully rectified.
Added label to MarineHazardPoints and MarineHazardAreas for Offshore Rocks that have a name.

Railways: Added abandoned lines and corrected label issues with name and gauge information.
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