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The ExplorOz Blog facility has been developed for Personal Members and Business Members only. Blogs is where EO Members can write about their travels, upload photos, attachments, and share their stories and experiences with others. Blogs isn’t just about travel, in fact we have over 60 tags for you to choose from. Using a tag (or multiple tags) for each of your blog entries assist other people searching via the tag method. Besides searching via tags, we also provide other ways to search for a blog, and this includes via: word or phrase search, by date, and by Member.

There are three distinct blog pages and these are: the Blog Index page (also known as the blog home or default page), Tag Blog page (which is basically blogs by tag), and My Blog page (or blogs by ExplorOz Members). The Blog Index page is landed when you hit Blogs from the blue menu bar, whilst the other two views are accessible by using related search functions (i.e. search By Tag or By Member).

Our blog system was designed to be easy to use; easy to create new blogs, and easy to search for existing blogs. We have provided an upload facility for your photos (and file attachments such as PDFs and Word documents), and the system will automatically align your photos throughout your blog for you. We have provided a function for easily inserting YouTube and Vimeo video links - see FAQ instructions on how to use this facility.

At the bottom of a blog entry, we allow others to post feedback comments, and you have control to delete or reply to these comments. When you post a blog, you have the choice of deciding whether it is open for comment. You can elect to allow only EO Members to comment on your post, or both EO Members and Registered Visitors.To further promote your blog, all new blogs appear in the blogs list in the forum, therefore giving your blog additional publicity with the forum audience. We hope you enjoy using the new look blog system.
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