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Friday, Sep 26, 2008 at 16:03


So you would like to add a video to your blog entry? Yes, you surely can, but before we jump ahead of ourselves, please note, that ExplorOz does not host video files. Therefore, you would need to create an account with either YouTube or Vimeo and upload it there before you can link it to your blog. If you already have a YouTube or Vimeo account with videos uploaded and ready to go - please read on.

First off you need to know the code ID for your video. For YouTube, this ID is found after the v= part (I.e. after clicking into a YouTube video look in the address bar and copy the ID at the end of ). For Vimeo, this ID is found after the forward slash (I.e. after clicking into a Vimeo video look in the address bar and copy the ID at the end of ).

Now that you have your video code ID for either a YouTube or Vimeo video, you can embed this into a new blog entry. Assuming you now have a new blog underway, place your mouse cursor and click somewhere within the text or text line where you want the video to appear. Then click the 'Embed Video' button and this will launch the video embedding function. You will now see there are two fields to choose from. Select the appropriate video hosting website, being either YouTube or Vimeo where you obtained the video code ID earlier. Now enter this ID into the text box and then click the 'Embed' button. The video code will now be automatically created and added to your blog text.
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