ExplorOz Traveller: GPS Setup on Windows Laptops

Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:37


The Windows version of the app requires that your GPS is supported in Windows as a Location Sensor. Most Serial/USB or Bluetooth GPS receivers are not automatically configured as Windows sensors so you will have to install another piece of software before the app will detect your location.
Go to https://www.turboirc.com/gps7/ and download this free tool called GPS Complete. You can download and run this product in evaluation mode.

Note: this tool has two options, called Direct & Reverse.

If you only want to use Windows 10 Store apps (eg. ExplorOz Traveller) with the GPS then you only need the Direct product. However, if you need to use the GPS with other programs that aren't apps (such as OziExplorer by D&L Software) then you will also need the Reverse product as well as Direct so download the Bundle. But don't worry these programs are FREE.

Direct connects the GPS to Windows 10 and Reverse then makes another Serial port from the Direct connection. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further support for this tool as we are not the developer of the GPS Complete software.
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