Review: Cape York - An Adventurers Guide

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Very happy with the book.
It has been valuable in the planning process for our trip (have not tested the accuracy as we haven't left yet - however advice given by Ron Moon for other areas of Australia has been spot on so I fully expect this to be the same!!).
Lots of useful info is included that I would not have thought to look for just by searching the internet. It gives advice based on research and on the Moons' practical experiences over time. This info will richen the experience of the trip.
The edition I bought does not mention the new campsite booking rules for Queensland National Parks, so to plan our trip we are looking elsewhere for this info.
This guide is absolutely worth the asking price, especially when it is a tiny cost compared to the overall cost/value of the trip, and makes the planning and research for a trip to the Tip and Cape peninsula so much easier. It will live on the dash during our trip (though the track corrugations might flick it off!) as a reference for areas we are travelling in and to.
It is a good size that allows opening flat, is small enough to read in bed but large enough to read easily. Has a good variation of colours, photos and tables to keep in interesting.
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