Review: Using Power Leads: Facts & Regulations

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"Earthing was until recently, the primary safeguard against electrocution. It still plays a role but, in most issues, so-called RCD (Residual Current Detection) is now primarily effective in saving life. The units constantly monitor and compare the amount of current flowing in the active and neutral cables. Unless they are totally equal there must be some flow to earth. If that is detected, current is cut off. The above can happen, say, if Uncle Jack changes a dead light globe without realising the light switch is still on - breaks the glass and contacts a live part. Or accidentally sticks his finger into the live socket. Current then flows to earth – via Uncle Jack. If polarity has been reversed (i.e., active and neutral reversed in the wiring to that switch, that globe will still be live even if the power switch is turned off). As that risk is high where people (illegally make up their own supply cables) all Australian RVs must have power switches that have so-called ‘double-pole switching’ – i.e. both active and neutral are switched."
This is misleading as it suggests that if Uncle Jack sticks his finger across the broken light or across Active / Neutral - a socket, the RCBO will trip, it may not unless he makes contact with an Earth - there has been 2 incidences of death here in SA recently - the Earth IS instrumental in how the RCBO works without it the only path is you
AS3000 Section 2.6 contradicts this artical as RCDs are only there " to augment other means of basic protection"
RCBO / RCD / ELCB / Safety Switches call them what you will, they are not a gaurantee of safety, if you make contact between Active & Neutral it will see you as a piece of toast.
Please be safe with this stuff with AND without RCD protection and always treat each and every wire and device as live
( Licensed Electrical Contractor )
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