Review: Where to Ride Melbourne

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Found this to be quite a good guide as it did list a trial in my local area that I was not
even aware of.
Down side of the guide is the maps are quite small and lack detail, was able to work out most
of the trails I have looked at with help of google earth but they could have included a bit more detail
as with some it is still a bit of guess work trying to work out the exact trial path, for instance I like to
plot the trail on google earth to see exactly where it goes, they might give a description "access
the trail via road x or car park at road y, looking at google earth it is sometimes not possible to work
out where the actually referring to. Another example, they described a local trial that I didn't know existed,
from there description where the trail ran, on actually doing the trail does make sense but a little more detail would
have made it a lot easier.

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