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thanks for all your responses to my previous question, i am thinking about getting the 2 inch lift to be safe. is anyone running EFS kits, I have been told by the dealer that they are the only company that does kits for the MU-X due to being a new car. (not sure if that's true or a load of B.S.) can anyone give review on the performance of that company equipment or recommend another company to talk to a bout the lift.
thanks again guys
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Reply By: Isuzumu - Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at 17:44

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at 17:44
The boys from All4Adventure recon they EFS is the goods and if their right and what they get up to should be ok. Our D.Max has the Sax suspension, but they only do the leaf springs I think, pretty sure actually, and the shocks and front coils are Lovells I am sure and I am very happy with them. So there is another mob to check out.
Now Dobinsons in Rocky do a good coil, not sure about their schocks, also like OME schocks. Now I have you confused sorry hahahaha.
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Reply By: luggy - Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at 23:47

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at 23:47
Mate why do you people come along and want to change the dynamics of a car when these companies spend millions of dollars testing and manufacturing these vehicles,just for someone to say that's not high enough,how high is high when it's not high enough.
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Follow Up By: AlbyNSW - Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 06:50

Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 06:50
Because motor vehicles are made for the masses in a one size fits all format and to a price point ( not best possible option) people then modify the vehicle to improve certain aspects to suit their own personal requirements
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Follow Up By: Isuzumu - Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 08:09

Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 08:09
Thanks Alby, too true, and especially with ours being the top of the range model. The suspension on the basic model probably ok for towing say, but rough as guts when empty.
Now this does not just count for the Isuzu all the rest are the same.
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Follow Up By: Batt's - Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:05

Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:05
luggy quite often when companies spend there money they don't offer a very good suspension package or take in account that it may be used off road and a simple thing like a 50mm lift can stop a vehicle from getting damaged unnecessarily. Also they quite often fail to recognise that when you load your vehicle up with people and gear the rear sags and the car quite often looses it's handling capabilities. After market suspension if set up correctly will still offer a comfortable ride when empty and not compromise handling also cope when the vehicle is loaded still making if safe to drive.
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Follow Up By: The Bantam - Saturday, Feb 22, 2014 at 16:36

Saturday, Feb 22, 2014 at 16:36
Luggy mate you have to remember one thing.

No matter the manufacturer...they want to make as much as they possibly can out of selling they keep costs low on items where they can.

Some manufacturers are far more guilty of this than others....but they all do it.

This is why there are so many after market products that DO perform better than factory fitted.

Almost without exception factory shock absorbers are poor compared to even modest after market items.

Clutches likewise..the modest after market items are mostly better than the factory standard.

Then you come to springs.....unless you are buying a top spec fancy machine the springs in 4wds are fairly ordinary...good improvements can be had from even fairly modest aftermarket springs.

Oh and then you have the issue that sooo many of our "4wds" are marketed squarely at the SUV market and the majority of them never go off road or tow they are softly suspended and low to the ground.
Mrs Soccer mum, wants a nice soft ride and does not want to carry a ladder to get in and out of the urban combat unit.

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Reply By: Batt's - Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:18

Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:18
doug I don't know what vehicle you drive but I have a GQ patrol converted to a twin cab ute which weighs over 2.6t without people and gear on board. I recently installed TJM springs and Tough Dog 45mm adjustable shocks which TJM recommended after I told them a bit about the vehicle it has definitely improved the ride you can get a comfortable ride off road with the shocks wound down to their lowest setting. I played around with the settings on road and it's a bit wishy washing on the lowest setting at hwy speeds when you adjust them up you get rid of that they become stable again and very good to drive on I think there great having 9 settings so you can get the ride just right I would recommend them.
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Reply By: coonick - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 at 21:59

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 at 21:59
Don't send yourself nuts worrying about which brand is better, there is NO best.
Just because the guys on that 4wd show run EFS doesn't mean they are bullet proof.
More like they are sponsored by the brand.
There would easily be 12 or more brands which will give you equal performance and results.
I fitted tough dog shocks and springs to my ranger and absolutely love the result. A firm but pleasant ride. A 4wd WILL have a more firm ride its that simple....Don't expect soft family sedan ride on a 4wd. that's NOT reality.
Just read 4wd magazines with owners and their rigs and you will find all brands of suspension with all good reviews. Pick one and go with it. There is no popularity contest with suspension. The price difference is minimal and shouldn't be a concern.
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Reply By: Member - KBAD - Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014 at 14:09

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014 at 14:09
Have had a good run out of Ridepro gear i have the heaviest set they make in my cruiser but it is for a particular reason. Depends on the use be realistic about what you expect to do in the vehicle and get the best you can afford. Their are a few around that extensively test and then fit with no relationships with any particular manufacturer one of those is Daz at
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