Review: Hema Navigator 7

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Having had the HN7 for a week or so now it is an easy to use system (I haven't looked at the manual yet and our last gps was a mother brand) with a nice big screen but we have had a couple of hiccups when using the street system...The first was my fault when trying to find a street in came up with an option of the correct name but Ave and not street and so I thinking that was the street ( we are travellers and not from Adelaide) entered it in...but no there are two streets in Adelaide with the same name, an avenue and a would have been nice if it had popped up with both options.
And we have had two instances where it seems to get itself lost telling me to say turn left, which I do then a few meters further on telling me to turn around..not very reassuring..
Time will tell...I have yet to load any treks etc into it but as we are heading bush in a few weeks I hope to have that sorted by then...just need good internet!
Overall it is a nice large screen which we can see without the visor but it has yet to prove itself reliable
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