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Hema Navigator 7
Ok so I finally received the HN7 . . . .
Star track Express isn't. They do not provide an overnight service to Darwin, even when the package arrives at 1334h (On a Thursday).
Then as I wasn't home (on a Friday - gee some of us work), when I rang them I was told I would have to wait until the next business day (this was heavily underlined on the delivery docket) to pick the item up from the nearest Post Office. As it was a Public holiday on the Monday - You can imagine my thoughts and the way the phone call went.
HOWEVER - I went to the post office an hour later and picked up my package.
Very well packaged, easily would have coped with Aus Post's handling. (I have previously worked in freight business's so don't get me wrong, it's not an unknowledgeable comment)
Now to the HN7 itself:
Well to be honest there is a few things that I think is superfluous, and just eating up available memory:
Clothing sizes - now who does not know what size clothes they wear?
Bra sizes - really? What woman does not know the size of her bra. . . .
Conversion tables - 99% of mobile phones have these built in. Waste of memory.
Calculator - same as above.
Photo Viewer / Video Player / Music Player / FM Radio - Hello you are in a vehicle - if not use a laptop.
Speed of acquisition to satellite trace is good,
Time response of actual speed changes poor - my 10+ year old Garmin ETrex is more sensitive to speed changes. (However again - your in a vehicle look at the speedo).
Maps . . .
Yes they are pretty good.
I personally would prefer a 1:50,000 Topo. When four wheel driving OFF the tracks. However again that's why paper was invented.
Users manual - Easy to read, however I think anything that requires 116 pages is getting away from its purpose as a navigation unit.
Would I buy another / recommend the HN7 - Yes. For what it was designed for it is a great navigation aid.
I just think they have over designed it, and made it "stupid friendly" with additions that are not required.

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