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I've recently purchased a National Luna "Weekender" 50 Litre Twin Fridge/Freezer. 40 litre fridge compartment and separate 10 litre freezer. Being one of the most expensive brands on the market I am lucky that for my 40th birthday all of my friends pitched in and got me this as a gift otherwise I probably would have looked at something a bit cheaper. It is an awesome unit. Very low power draw, fast to cool down, you can set it to cut out when your battery reaches a certain level so it does not completely drain it. On a recent trip I was parked up for 3 full days and nights and it was still a way off from reaching the cut off level. This was without solar and just running off the auxilliary battery in my car. You can take the lid off and reattach it to open from the opposite side or front to back depending on the set up in your vehicle and the footprint is about the same as a 40 Litre Engel unit which I have used in my car before so did not have to change the fridge slide over but have gained 10 litres of space. Pretty happy with it. Haven't had it long enough to comment on durability so lets hope it stands up to the test of time and the battering it is surely going to receive!
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