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Friendly Reminder.

Well Victorians Bush Users,

The time has come, the government is now trying to make Victoria like NSW and QLD, they want to close all our tracks. This goes for everyone, 4wd's, bike & quad riders, horse riders, even walkers

Many may have noticed the closure of alot of Womabat forest, well this is the model for their closure plan.

SO, We all must turn out to say "NO" (for want of a better word).

(VAFWDC meeting place)

For information please ph email addys are in there.

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Reply By: Member Colin - NSW Bungendore - Monday, Mar 22, 2004 at 13:58

Monday, Mar 22, 2004 at 13:58
Yes - all very sad, but welcome to the rest of Australia!
Hard to no what to do?

Interestingly, in the Brindabellas (Canberra) which is now a National Park, all the tracks are being upgraded (excuse the pun) for insurance purposes as a result of the bushfires (my guess!). It will be interesting to see if they close the area after spenging buckets of money on the tracks?

PS. I think you should change the "BE HERD" to "BE HEARD" - do want to look like a bunch of old cows!
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Monday, Mar 22, 2004 at 14:29

Monday, Mar 22, 2004 at 14:29
no control on spellin, was just copy and pasted from elsewhere.

people get the message.

I agree on hard to know what to do... my head already hurts from beating on the wall from years battling the same thing for motorcycles..

Maybe they just want us to all sell our cars, bikes, horses, anything that gets you out of the house, and just sit inside and wait to die? Then there will be no damage to grass, roads, air, nothing.
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Reply By: Ralph2 - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 21:25

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 21:25
HI Truckster, Track closures make my blood boil, after all we as tax payers own gov land. Most of the time we have to pay entrance or camp fee's to be able to visit the bush. A lot of the time we don't help ourselfs, if some greenie got hold of some of the photo's posted on the bottom of replies on this forum they could have a field day showing how we damage the environ, and display it so proudly.
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Follow Up By: Member - Bernie. (Vic) - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 02:40

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 02:40
At last you have surfaced "Ralph2"
In your reply to post 11126 you made a similar comment refering to my Rig Pic.
Now as you where not there when the pic was taken you do not know what the conditions were like.

1 You could not deviate around what was 3 rutted holes in succession,
without going into & destroying heavy bush on each side of the track,
( not shown in pic) and possibly slipping into the ruts & rolling, and that My wife was driving in L R 1st.

2 What were we supposed to do reverse out many Klms all 16 of us ?

3 Whilst the bulk of the drive that trip was as dry as !!! there would be stretches as long as 100 Mtrs of water filled ruts & whilst solid on the bottom the spray was really just dirty water not mud.

4 I pay my membership and as entitled will post what ever pic I like.

By the way where u in the 260+ at the forest meeting last night ?
I was.
Will you be in Daylsford on the 1st of May ? I Will & hope to see you there.

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Reply By: Joe - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 21:58

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 21:58
It's imortant to email the Minister for Environment and spell out that we want access.
I have a number of contacts in Parks Vic and Dept Environment etc . THey mostly express the same concerns as us. THey are under funded and undermanned. They advise the decisions are poitical, it's cheaper to lock us out than to manage.They know the fire trails are valuable and and all the blokes in these dept I talk to want to see us retain access to our own country.
They advise the pressure needs to be applied at the top as you cannot get through comming up the ranks.
I would like to think that every member of this forum might be able to find time to send off mails.
I already have over Otways and had all sorts of reassurances that my concerns at being locked out are unfounded. I wish I could believe them. BUT if enough mails are sent by diffferent people these suits will get the idea that a lot of voters are upset.
The recent fires have given us more opportunity to not be ignored.
Truckster you seem to know the ropes on this forum, I'm only a recent visitor. How about getting everone stirred up to email state and fed ministers?
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 22:02

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 22:02
THey are under funded and undermanned

They advise the decisions are poitical,

it's cheaper to lock us out than to manage.
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Reply By: Joe - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 22:15

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 22:15
2 Dept guys have expressed this point recently...
One in Apollo Bay area stated he left the gates closed to most of the tracks as he barley had enough time and money to keep the tourist roads open, let alone worry about the fire trails.
The other stated simply it's cheaper to lock people out.
So why do you disagree with the experience of the dept guys on ground.


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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 19:28

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 19:28
Actually no... The head of one of the parks dept is in our club. He is not out in the 'field' but has been there and done that.

The answer they are to give is word for word what you said! Its a "default answer " that they use

Traffic helps to keep the tracks clear, and 99% of the time, 4wd enthusasts will remove trees blocking tracks. our club is heavily involved in this.

We look after numerous tracks around our club property, and are working with the parks to take on more tracks.
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Reply By: Thommo - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 23:54

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004 at 23:54
I hope you get a good response. Bums on seats, people take notice.
All people need to do is take a few 4WD tracks around the border near the Snowing River. Very nice drives end at the NSW/Vic border for no good reason, apart from pleasing people in the past that have put political pressure on the Govt.
Its also cheaper put up a gate and sign to keep out!
A good way to get votes, and spend less money!
I agree, that after the recent fires, this attitude may change a little.

Access will only go one way, with responsible parties involved, a compromise can be found that allows access, and limits damage.

I hope the meeting is a huge success.


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Reply By: Member - StevenL - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 00:07

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 00:07
Excuse if this is a "newbie" question but on the issue of fire trails - is it not the case that 4WD traffic helps to maintain these trails buy running down/chopping off vegetation?

The more usage the better the track is maintained? I am in the SA CFS and I'm sure I have heard of this being true.

Obviously if there is a gate then there is no access but for more remote areas I believe that track usage is encouraged to help keep them open.

Maybe it is the irresponsible minority that go thru tracks when wet and chop them up that stuffs it for the rest of us?

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Follow Up By: Member - Bernie. (Vic) - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 03:00

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 03:00
Hi Steven
Check my reply to "Ralph2" above.

One day if you get off road you may well be one of the "irresponsible minority" in the situation where YOU have to take that wet track and also chop it up a bit.

Are you going to the Anzac W/E in Wombat ?? might see you there.


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Follow Up By: Mad Dog Morgan (Victoria) - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 10:03

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 10:03
Yes Steven it costs money to maintain closed tracks if they are to remain trafficable. Also they need to employ people to repair the numerous gates that get pulled down and destroyed.
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Reply By: Ralph2 - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 17:25

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 17:25
A typical reply from Berine, we can always justify our own actions, but you missed the point if some one wanted to prove irresponable use of tracks (like Greenes, NPWS, etc) they could use these pics, they won't ask or supply an excuse for driving like that. It amuses me the way some people react to construtive criticism.I think we all want to keep as many tracks open as possible and pics like this could come back and bite us hard on the ass.
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Follow Up By: Member - Bernie. (Vic) - Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 20:30

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004 at 20:30
"Typical reply" Ralph2 when have you ever seen me reply in a manner like that ???
Next time you see a Greenie going to a tree hug & stopping loggers doing there job, do the Bin B arrest them ? (NO) ask them did they drive through any puddles of water to get there.

If the DS&E did not want you to drive on muddy tracks "why" do they leave the gates open ??

Next time I'm going to do track maintanance or bush clean up with the club, I won't get there without getting in the mud somewhere, and be sure I won't see any Greenies out there.

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