June Wombat Meeting

Submitted: Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 21:31
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Now that the greens and others have seen the numbers they are up against, do you think that they will also call out a 'mayday' to all camps to counteract our numbers?

Also where is the June meeting going to be held? At the MCG or another nightmare like this one?

I know theres lots of really pi$$ed people about this weekends one, with stuff all really happening.. Specially those that drove 3 hours+....

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Reply By: Rossco100series - Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 22:27

Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 22:27
Well I couldn't make it as I was on night shift. But as for what I can see fishermen, hunters ( including me ), trail bike riders, 4wdrivers ( including me ) etc etc. We are all in the same boat slowly but surely our liberite's are getting taking away from us. And if we don't stick together and fight it and also dob in the idiots to the authorites that destroy the tracks and the bush etc etc. We will get picked off 1 by 1 till the only 4wdriving we will be doing is up and down ur drive way.
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 23:02

Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 23:02
I agree with everyone needin to stick together..
Thats one thing that went wrong in NSW. I was on the motorcyclists side back in the 70s - 90s before having a 4b, when things started to go wrong..
4b owners would say BIKES DESTROY THE BUSH
Bike owners would say 4WDS DESTROY THE BUSH
the greens etc stood back and laughed...

I remember doign driver training inbleepney, everyone in the 4b club HATEDbleepme off.

I said that they are just out having fun like u and me and isnt there enough klms of land out here for everyone? And I dont think anyone spoke to me all day from that point on.

Time for people to get overbleep, everyone wants to enjoy it.

Theres 100,000's of sq KILOMETRES out there, surely theres enough for all parties????
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Reply By: fourstall2000 - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:09

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:09
Although the meeting was a success,particulary as for once the 4wd clubs particulary,supported there association with positive action,the enevitable happened and it was caused a hi jack by the media.
The risk is that because of the general perception of the public(provided by the sensationalist media,stupid 4wd adds, and rogue drivers) is that we are all mad bush bashers.
I fear that the govt may consider that they can exclude 4wdrivers and still have public support.(note the DSE statement that the process WILL be implemented)
But what the observers and chann 7 failed to realise(or did not want to) is that the crowd comprised of a whole cross section of recreational forest users.
Because the roads were flooded with 4wdrives it is assumed we were all from the same camp,but any observation of Melbourne streets will provide a real view of who owns the majority of these vehicles.
In my opinion we need through our association and RUG to publisise the groups that were all there,ie maybe a thank you note in the paper to all the groups in RUG.
You are dead right about the next meeting,it will be stacked with greens from all over the country,plus the usual rent a crowd.
Either that or it will be closed to selected nominees,but this is risky for the goverment as it goes against the spirit of the process.
My hope is that because they have a deadline for the implementation they will invite RUG participation,if they do we have all achieved the objective of the formation of RUG and the weekends effort.
Meanwhile any 4wdriver who is not in a club and wants to continue his hobby better join a club ,and fast.
Support the 4Wd Victoria,tread lightly, Watch what you say and do, or loose your forest access.
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:18

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:18
"But what the observers and chann 7 failed to realise(or did not want to) is that the crowd comprised of a whole cross section of recreational forest users."

This bit worries me.. Not that we are all getting together, but the fact the whole group on weekend was seen as 4wders..

Also that OUR supporters may not want our support due to the fact the their group was/is seen as one - 4WDERS.... as it was at this meeting. Majority of people have manure for brains, and believe everything that Today Tonight tells them, its like some sort of spell that bimbo has over them.

If they excluded 4wders then I think the Gov would cave in slightly, and give them areas to use, and then we would be out on the streets.
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Follow Up By: Bonz (Vic) - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 18:11

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 18:11
My thought would be that if they thought there were lots of 4WD'ers at the 1 May meeting there should be a doubling at the next. If we are going to need to get our vioce heard then we should turn out in ever increasing numbers. It might be an inconvenience but I think we all need to get to the next meeting wherever it is, MCG or Creswick?
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Reply By: Bundy - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 14:21

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 14:21
Hey Truckster

I was looking over some old chat and tried to catch a glimpse of Dave's Drawer designs... Original Post (5250) but the link seems to have gone.

Do you have a contact/web address that I can use. I am looking at making up some drawers for the back of my Hilux.


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Follow Up By: Wazza (Vic) - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 14:44

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 14:44
Bundy, try this one.

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