Review: Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide

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I received my copy of 3rd Edition GDT Atlas and Guide last week. Reading through it provides lots of interesting planning information, as others have written about, in a very handy layout. I think it will be a great ravel companion for quick reference without having to unfold and spread the GDT map sheets, except for when pondering the overall picture. The maps are sequenced such that adjoining sheets are close at hand, no need to flick back and forth through a lot of pages to maintain the flow. The book has good strong plastic coated covers with a clear plastic (looks strong) spiral binding that works as freely as I have come across, minimal page hanging on opening to specific pages, and closing. The paper is not the same as the GDT map sheets are printed on but it is heavy and looks strong. A water splash test indicates that the pages are hardly affected by spots of water for short a duration; when dried the pages show very little affect. However I will try to avoid leaving it open in the rain or dropping it into a puddle, too good a book to not treat with respect.
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