EOTrackMe Alerts (BETA)

Hi trackers,

Today we have release a new EOTrackMe feature called Alerts & Triggers. This new function (still in beta testing) is one of the many upcoming updates in the tracking system. At this stage we have implemented three triggers (Leave GEOFence, Enter GEOFence and SOS Received). This list will be expanded very soon as we start implementing a number of new tracking devices and offerings. However right now you can link these triggers to an Email alert and up to two different email accounts (you will see SMS1 & SMS2 - these are currently in development).

So what will now happen if you set-up these options is that you can have an email sent when one of your devices enters or leaves specific geofences. So say you were monitoring a car, you could zone your house and office, the system would alert you as you leave home and arrive at work and visa versa.

We will be adding an alert for messages received from tracking devices like SOS, HELP, or text messages from the SPOT Messenger etc - so these will also be able to be broadcast based on your settings.

I like to use this on my bike so that the family know when to put the coffee on as dad is about to walk in the door. But you could also just as easily adapt this to monitoring a child moving to/from school, van in driveway, bike or other item.

To access these setting see your My Tracking panel on the EOTrackMe or members personal profile page and click on the device you wish to setup - Alert & Triggers is right there like this:

Hope you find this useful, as always feedback is the key so please let us know!

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