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Hi D and M
We've just returned from 3 months on the road. We used a combination of Traveller and a selection of maps in Ozi Explorer, switching between the two apps. Traveller for detail, Ozi mostly for an overview. Traveller was great, recording our trek and personal places. I just love the way it works, but found a couple of quirks and have a couple of suggestions for development.Firstly, on a number of occasions the map would not be present, usually after bringing the device out of sleep mode, but not always. Sometimes as the display moved it would stop bringing up new map tiles. In both cases the track and current position was displayed on a white background. It could be fixed by closing and re-launching the app.Secondly, after spending a period of time outside mobile coverage, on re-entering coverage no on-line maps would be available in the layers tool. If you tapped the layers tool it would respond but the only map option would be the current off-line map. Closing and re-launching the app fixed it.When saving a track from within the app, the dialogue disappears and you don't know what field you are typing in. I worked out you just save the track with its own auto-generated name, then go back and View it, then choose Edit. It's very clunky.A couple of suggestions:
When you create a place within the app there is a very limited number of place types and icons available in the drop-down list. When creating a place on-line, there are many types of places and icons to choose from. Could that list be made available in the app? Specifically, in the app there is no camp icon but the full list would be useful.Places are not editable. Would it be possible to make personal places editable? This would facilitate improving/correcting info associated with the place off-line while travelling before making it a public place. Right now, unless I've missed something, if you want to edit a place after you've saved it, you have to delete the place and start over.Could a public place be made editable by the person submitting it?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. Android 6.0.1. EOTraveller 1.11.9

BTW, my standard practice was never to power down the tablet, just let it sleep with the apps open and ready to go when the tablet was woken.


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