Screen sharing ExplorOz Traveller to your in-dash head unit

As you know, apps like Android Auto and Apple's Car Play will not let you use other navigation apps like ExplorOz Traveller (just their own approved nav apps, eg. Apple Maps, Google Maps, and WAZE) but you can easily screen cast everything off your phone to your in-dash head unit using HDMI and thereby use ExplorOz Traveller if you want.

I'm not about to go into the technicalities of how its done, but there are tons of YouTube videos out there to give you the step-by-step instructions - best to look up your specific model of head unit and use keywords "how to screen share my phone to my [brand name] head unit".

Here's an example of a video demo using a Kenwood stereo, but I've done a look around and there are now tons of brands that will work exactly the same. As they also explain, you can screen share Android or iPhone - just use a different cable/dongle. Even if your head unit doesn't have the HDMI input, this video explains how you can get around that by using an HDMI adapter cable.
Hope this helps people wanting to know what's possible, as it should help with the complex issue of what screen to run your maps on when driving.

As we've said many times, our app is designed to be best used on portable devices as whilst it is a mapping app, it is also much more than that, and you want to be able to get out of the vehicle and do your trip planning, create your treks etc around the campfire, or walk over to chat with a mate at his vehicle, or go off for a bush walking using the snail trail so you can get back safely, or take some photos of Places etc.

The screen mirroring feature is going to be handy for people that have recently purchased an aftermarket stereo media system, or have a factory fitted unit that is not built with an Android operating system or is not internet capable and hence you can't directly install our app onto it.

Obviously this technology may not work with older head units so do some research and if you're in the market to buy a new after market head unit this might be really helpful as these units are actually pretty cheap - eg. starting around $200.

PS: Reason for this post, is we have a friend who got this all sorted for their trip heading off tomorrow. Using Kenwood and ExplorOz Traveller on their phones and some cables. Super easy.

Let us know if any of you are also doing same and what head unit you use.
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Reply By: Member - PhilD_NT - Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019 at 22:08

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019 at 22:08
Michelle, I've just been updating our Ranger with a kit that includes a Kenwood head unit, 2018 production DNX9180DABS. Overkill for current needs but it does have screen mirroring that I've started playing with and doesn't need a cable, it's wireless and is working a treat, so far.

I wanted to go this way as previously I've been using various models of Samsung Galaxy Note's. Started with version 1, then 4 and now 8. Been using OziExplorer for all that time and lately Exploroz Traveller, plus many other apps for on the road travel. The problem that has gotten worse over time is that although the screen size of the Note's is good, there is an issue of overheating with it being suction mounted to the windscreen. This has 2 problems with the first being that the suction eventually fails and it falls off and this isn't fun while driving and when parked and the car is locked the movement as it falls sets off the alarm. I know that there are other mountings but lost interest in trying them. The other problem is that the phone doesn't like the heat through the glass and eventually shuts down the charging and I've had some lockups, not lockups with this model so far though.

I decided that the best cure was just to have screen mirroring and can then place the phone in a cooler spot.

As to functioning, I can use the touch screen of the Kenwood to operate Exploroz Traveller. This also means that it's useful for both of us in the middle of the car.

The only slightly annoying problem so far is that a couple of other programs don't allow screen rotation at present and the portrait mode of them becomes next to useless. One of those is Wikicamps but apparently it is to be fixed in an upcoming version.

Lots of experimenting to still be done with all the functions but it's 2 weeks till next trip so some will wait our return to add on extras such as camera inputs.


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