Needing Compressor for my 80 Series

Submitted: Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 13:49
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Afternoon all

This time around I’m chasing a Compressor
Where would I be able to buy one
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Reply By: qldcamper - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 13:53

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 13:53
What sort of compressor, air con or for tyres?
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Follow Up By: Dana M2 - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 16:03

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 16:03
For the Ac
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Reply By: Alloy c/t - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 14:57

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 14:57
Where to buy one ? Depends on 'what' you actually want ,how much you want to spend , and usage ,built in / portable , good quality etc etc ...Alphabet starts at ARB ,and goes all the way to ZeZyclone ..... some are $$$$ and last seemingly forever others are cheap 'as' and still last forever a bigger 'minefield' than Toyota VS Nissan or any tire comparison .....Mine is an old ARB single ,bought 2nd hand from EBay 10+ years ago and has been in 3 vehicles , prior to that had a 'cheap' made in China from Super Cheap , lasted 10 years , did hundreds tires ,was sold with the vehicle that I had it mounted in ....Its not always the price that gives 'quality' ....A major factor is however ' time ' , that being how much time your prepared to spend re-inflating your tires , off the beaten track having a nice cold beer while doing the tires and giving the compressor a rest between with no 'rush' or always in a hurry ? ......
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Follow Up By: Dana M2 - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 16:06

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 16:06
Thanks for that. Appreciated.
I am chasing a Compressor for the Ac in my truck.
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Reply By: RMD - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:40

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:40
I am not familiar with the 80 series AC compressors but used to rebuild some of various makes. If it is a Nippon Denso AC unit it will have a stick on plate/label on the rear. If so It should say something like , 11P 14C or similar. for example, Smaller Daihatsu Applause is 1V14C. I had a 60 series and replaced the AC compressor with a Mitsubishi Magna Compressor, they never seemed to wear out. Just a change of clutch and Manifold to make it usable for a 60 series. SO, if you take pictures of the inlet and outlet manifold shapes and pulley size and ID plate you should be able to source a decent one from a reputable motor wreckers. My last one came from, Jappo Donks wreckers in Wangaratta. He used to import many very good but used Japanese AC compressors and at a quite reasonable price. What ever you decide to do, having pics and lug mounting positions and manifold along with the ID stuff should see you ok. If able to , try to view inside the exit / small, port area. If it is stained or blackened reject the compressor if others are available.
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Reply By: noggins - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:47

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:47
As an old auto Air Con mechanic / specialist
If the compressor ground its self to death , as some do, I'm afraid it;s not just a job of replacing the compressor.
The fine bits of the dying compressor should by rights have ended up in the receiver- drier ( filter ) but some don't and have got further into the system.
I usually flushed the system with dry nitrogen gas , replaced the compressor, and hoses if needed, the receiver drier and sometimes the Tx valve.
To save any headaches in the future I'd get it checked out by a recognised Auto Aircond place
If in Melb - Henron Air St Kilda or Auto Track -Allcab in Essendon

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Follow Up By: IvanTheTerrible - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 20:20

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 20:20
We flush everything and replace the drier and TX. Newer vehicles they recommend you replace the condenser as well. If you dont get this done your compressor wont last and you wont get warranty
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Reply By: qldcamper - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:58

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 17:58
The compressors are reasonably cheap these days, its the lisenced repairer you need to fit it as as stated previously properly clean and charge the system legally that adds up.
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Reply By: Phil B (WA) - Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 21:52

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 at 21:52

Also note that Toyota changed Aircon compressor specs through the 10 or so years of production of the 80 Series - your VIN is the key to making sure you get the correct one.

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Reply By: Neil W13 - Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 12:46

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 12:46
Hi Dana,
Cooldrive, Ashdown Ingram, JasOceania are airconditioner suppliers. I would go with the exact right compressor.
Is your 80 made before 1993? If so it was made with R12 refrigerant, which is no longer available. Most would regas it with R134a but it won't perform so well! You will feel the amount of less efficiency that R134a gives. Additionally even if it has been previously "retrofitted" for R134a likely that it was not done well! My advice would be to use R12 replacement Hydrocarbon refrigerant. HYCHILL is a common brand. depending where you are it may be hard to find someone who will do it for you (perhaps ring HYCHILL). hychill works AAwesome!!! Make sure the repairer charges by weighing the gas and only uses 1/3 of the manufacturers weight.
Also ensure the reciever drier is replaced (its like $20).
If its made for r134a then staying with R134a is ok (but not the best choice!)
Hope this helps.
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Follow Up By: IvanTheTerrible - Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 13:10

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 13:10
Hychill is highly flammable and will void your compressor warranty. It is also banned on all mining sites. I have done so many R12 systems with 134a and have never had one complaint. Been doing this for 20years
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Follow Up By: Neil W13 - Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 21:14

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 at 21:14
Thanks Ivan the terrible. Theres plenty of old chestnuts about Hychill....mostly by those who've never used it and listened to all the scaremongering.
1. yes its flammable, but there's been way more fires with r134a than HC, and when R134a burns it makes mustard gas, like r12 used to, and r134a burns cos its mixed with oil and has an auto ignition temperature of about 800 degrees, which is why it burns well with oil. When HC burns there are no poisonous fumes at all.
2. I have had compressor warranty with HC and its endorsed in Australia so they are not allowed to fail a compressor warranty for that reason. Also the white goods fridge manufacturers that shut down in Orange a couple years ago used HC like many other fridge companies still do. Look for R600a on your fridge....its HC.
3. Its not banned on mine sites ....exception with Queensland which i am not well versed about. In WA I know of at least one large mining company currently using it on every one of their sites, it was used in the Kalgoorlie superpit for many years until similar old chestnuts got in the way. In WA it is sold statewide by COV's, Bursons, Veales and many other outlets.
4. I have converted many r12 systems to r134a in warm climates and had many complaints, R134a is simply crap put up against HC. I guess had I not had any alternatives and explained R134a is the best I knew of I could have said everyone was happy with R134a. If you don't go where it is hot then R134a is great.
5. I also know some people have been exposed to R134a through slow cabin leaks, their lives are ruined cos r134a destroys your lungs if exposed for longer periods and they spend their lives not able to work, with health issues whilst taking steroids to try and "repair" their lungs. But no-one talks about such things cos its not nice.
6. R134a has now been phased out and is replaced with HFO1234yf (cars imported from Europe had it in since January 2017).Surprise, surprise HFO1234yf is flammable. Lol! Lol! And when HFO1234yf is burnt it is SO TOXIC that I am now happy for people to say R134a is perfectly safe and non-toxic.
7. I have been doing this for 20 years to and happy to address any questions about AC.
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Follow Up By: IvanTheTerrible - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 11:07

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 11:07
Care to put up your licence number Neil so we know your qualified?
To enter mine sites in Victoria you have to sign a stat dec stating you are not carrying on board or have Hychill in your vehicles AC system.


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Follow Up By: Neil W13 - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:00

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:00
Thankyou for your reply Ivan,
But that's just another old chestnut by you suggesting that I might not be licensed cos I like Hychill (just another one of the party lines used to pretend Hychill is no good). Makes no sense to me why people say unlicensed persons use Hychill cos legally to put hychill IN you must still be licensed to take R134a OUT.
I am very highly qualified to make comment here but your tone concerns me and I will now back out of this conversation for answering technical questions.
I stated a whole lot of technical facts (and left a lot out) of which you are free to ask for further clarification (but you did not). I only offered this information to be helpful.
I am more than happy if, one, some or many minesites don't allow hychill on their sites, there are lots of people who wet their pants when they only know half a story. I go places where I can't take alcohol....that doesn't mean alcohol is illegal.
I would be interested if you could actually quote any legislation etc that says Hychill is illegal (Im doubting you'll find it).
If you disagree with any statement I have made please feel free to inform me so that I can address it.
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Follow Up By: IvanTheTerrible - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:06

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:06
Licence number? I put mine up to show I'm qualified to comment on this subject. Anyone can waffle shit.
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Follow Up By: Neil W13 - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 15:55

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 15:55
Look Ivan,
Im not setting out to cause any trouble. I was only trying to help out with the 80 series if it was manufactured before 1993 to save future problems with the 80.
I didn't see any license number put up by you. The detail you put up starts with AU, so it is a Trading Authorisation number held by a business. It tells me nothing about any person, and only proves that the ABN has someone in its employ who does hold a personal license. A persons license number starts with "L" followed by 5 odd numbers.
Can you explain what difference it would make to you if I put up my license number?
I am pretty sure that if you think the facts I stated above are not worthy of discussion and amount to "waffle" that you will still have that same view after knowing my license number.
In any case its the training behind the license that is important, I have done several courses over the years. The last one I did included required training on Hydrocarbon refrigerant. Clearly hydrocarbon refrigerant is here to stay, is endorsed by the government and is a great product. I don't understand the fuss over using this refrigerant. I have just googled the .gov training website and found where hydrocarbon MUST be included in current Automotive training courses, unlike another course I did some years back.
All the words that appear below this line are cut and pasted from a government website, for anyone who is interested I can post an actual link to what is required in that training course.
Kind regards, Neil

- application, purpose and operation of air conditioning and HVAC systems and
components, including:
- high pressure and low pressure sides of air conditioning systems

- refrigerants, including R12, R134, R1234yf and hydrocarbon refrigerants
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Follow Up By: IvanTheTerrible - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 17:18

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 17:18
L028961 now yours. Anybody can and have got on here and used Dr Google to pretend they know what they are on about. Locally the only people that use Hychill are idiots that dont know what they are doing and just want a quick buck. Anybody who knows what they are doing and aren't hiding anything gets a licence. Unless you fit a system yourself from scratch you cant touch it without a licence as all manufactured vehicles contain a gas that requires a licence to work on. And dont come with the "It was empty when I got it" bullshit either. If you have been doing it for 20 years you should have a licence!
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Follow Up By: Neil W13 - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 18:00

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 18:00
Hi Ivan,
1. I doubt anyone who took the trouble to read this considers it possible that i do not have a license.
2. You did not answer my question, What difference it will make to know my license number?
3. This has really not been a good conversation so lets stick to technical matters/ not personal info.
4. I agree! and already said that persons saying it is ok to use hychill without a license is just a nonsense.
5. I disagree that only idiots use HC. I say many of them use HC to fix performance or prevent problems.
6. Did you know that OKA's were using HC on their production line?

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Follow Up By: OzzieCruiser - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 21:40

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 21:40
Now now kiddies go and have your tanties somewhere else.
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Reply By: mountainman - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:50

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:50
Price up one from toyota
I know they do fully rebuilt alternators to genuine specs
Could be worth seeing where they come in on price

After all
You possibly got 23 years to 30 out of the one in your 80.
That says enough

Mums rav4 compressor is 22years old with 400k on it
My hj47 has a compressor thats 36 years old ha ha ha around 260k
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Follow Up By: Dana M2 - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 18:58

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 18:58
Thanks mountainman!
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Reply By: swampy - Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 17:07

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at 17:07
Rebuilt compressors were available from Nippon Denso Australia
regards gas type
All flexi hoses replace
compressor replaced
evaporator removed and cleaned/flushed unless in good condition replace
condenser flushed
all new o rings
new tx valve
new receiver drier

When all components are removed either use dedicated flush or Shellite evaporating white spirit
Follow up with blow out with nitrogen

NB cannot remember for this model but typically there are 134A evap and condenser cores . Having a different core improves there performance.
viscous fan reoil 2 bottles

Blend gasses
they maybe flammable
a small leak and they are useless [eg one of the gasses may leak out
Done plenty of Cruiser 75 series utes all worked well R12 to r134A

R12 is better than R134a but
Have the correct pressure/ temperatures of refrigerant in the low and high side and performance will be good

Running higher pressures than 180psi on the high side performance suffers
Running lower pressures than 10--20psi on the low side suffers performance suffers
Mainly the high side is the issue NO PROPERLY DESIGNED SYSTEM RUNS HOTTER THAN 180psi

Fridgy mechanics think automotive aircon is a joke !!
[the pressures temps are not correct ]

Factory Ford Rangers were charged from factory to 280psi .Dealers have no idea how to fix !!!!!!
Yet its not normal even according to there manuals .
A good Air con tech/mechanic changes it to 160psi on a 45cel day .
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