Mt Manning Meteorite Cairn and Faye Bluff

As part of my exiting 4wdriving and camping over the weekend I did my last run to both the Mt Manning Meteorite Cairn and Faye Bluff. When I lifted the lid on the letterbox that that is built into the cairn there was a can of spray on mousse in it, jeez I called the person who placed some expletives. What runs through their brain dead mind. I assume there would would have been other people with this person so why didn't one of them say "no don't do that" or a least take it out. I can only hope that future explorers to the site don't do the same and/or remove undesired rubbish. The letter box contains a note pad, pencil, 2 photos (plastic laminated) one of the meteorite and one of the geologists digging it out. It also contains a golf ball which has been there for several years and I've left it there. From there it was back out to Faye Bluff.

Faye Bluff has got to be the jewel in the crown for the Yilgarn region. I think it is quite spectacular. It towers 640m above sea level, it sits just to the east and I suppose is part of the Die Hardie range. It can be seen from the top of Pigeon Rock some 15ks to the west of the bluff, and as one travels north on the Bullfinch Evanston road one gets glimpses of it as well from the top of Mt Geraldine. It can also be seen when traveling back west from along the track from Mt Manning.

According the Tony McPherson (deceased) the owner of Diemals Station, the bluff was named after the previous owner of Diemals Station wife "Faye". One of the features of Faye Bluff is it has a large flat vertical rock face and in the middle of this rock face is a plant named a Tetratheac (the spelling may not be correct) there are a lot more all over the bluff. On the walk track to the west individual plants have been numbered (I believe by the wildflower society). I believe these plants are many hundreds of years old and that all of the ranges in this Yilgarn region have Tetrathecas that are unique to each range.

Well that enough of my rambling. My next challenge now it to sell the 4x4, quad and ALL my gear associated with 4wdriving and camping.
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