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I had
My new Everkool fridge do about 1 year and last Nov me and the wife when to Heavy Bay caravan park for a week! Normally off grid camping for me! However we got a powered site so I conect he’d my big 95l Everkool to the Mains power. For four days no problem!
On the fifth last day ready to go home it stoped, I was surprised so I in plugged 240v and connected 12v started but shut down with in a few minutes! No problem as heading home this day!
Slid the fridge back into the compartment of the van! As it spent the week half out of the compartment and door open as nice cross wind always out of the direct sun with shade mesh!
I got home I emptied the unit and some food had to be through out as got warm!
As I cleaned it as normal I Tryed it wit 12v power no working!
So as I when to remove it it was stuck to the vans carpet! I pealed the carpet off and noticed a white foam looking substance stuck to the bottom of the unit and the carpet! To me it appeared the insulation must have melted out! (According to the EverKool technician that is impossible as foam insolation “never melts” in a very confident way and follow to say to me (you don’t know what you are talking about foam can’t melt) I continued to ask what was the white foam looking substance on the bottom of my fridge! He said it must have been from the AustTrack Van as he has had a lot of problem with Austrack!

I repeated my question so what made the fridge stop and not start again! Also what was that sticky white substance!

He said (you must have drop some thing under the fridge and that’s what it is! “WTF”

Long story short no replacement he got it working and sent it back!

As it happens end November I had to buy a replacement fridge for Xmass a Engel 58 Combo and it is the best! And dose not use half the amount of power as the Everkool did.

Two in answer questions at the end!
1. Why did it stop! And not restart days later
2. What was that whit stuff coming out of the 4 holes under the fridge!

Please se pics any advice!
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Reply By: Batt's - Friday, Mar 19, 2021 at 17:12

Friday, Mar 19, 2021 at 17:12
Maybe their attitude has changed over the yrs I had a couple of things fixed in the early yrs of my 17yr old RF47 which is still running fine these day. They were good to deal with when I took Caloundra factory. They should have at least explained what the problem was.

Also the bigger the fridge the more power they tend to use some people get caught out thinking they need the biggest they can get only to find they can't keep the battery power up to them then they sell it and buy a smaller one. My RF47 has been fine for food and drinks for 3 people to use on trips over time but I do have a console fridge in the cab I fitted a few yrs ago which is handy for drinks when travelling.

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Reply By: Allan B (Sunshine Coast) - Friday, Mar 19, 2021 at 18:53

Friday, Mar 19, 2021 at 18:53

It may have appeared to you that the "white stuff" under the fridge was insulation "melted out". But the fridge insulation is black, not white.
The insulation can be seen in your first photo as the black circle in the centre of the fridge bottom. This hole is where the liquid insulation is poured into the fridge shell. The four surrounding smaller white dots are the vent holes to allow air to escape as the black insulation fills the shell.

I do not know what the "white substance" was sticking the fridge to the carpet. Was there something spilled or a mat of some sort under the fridge when it was in the van compartment?

It is not surprising that your new Engel "draws half the power".... it is half the size of your EvaKool. As Batt's has said....."the bigger the fridge the more power."


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Reply By: Member - peter g28 - Sunday, Mar 21, 2021 at 22:19

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021 at 22:19
I'm sorry to hear of your fridge problem.
Looking at the photos you have sent in...those holes I have checked on my Evakool 80ltr dual fridge and they are exactly the same...If there was some leaking from the holes...the residual "crust" of the drying matter covering the hole as it cooled would have created very rough non smooth seal...from the photos and from my fridge..the seals over the holes are perfectly flat and not disfigured at all.
I understand the compressor in the fridge does run warm..and you will notice the plate that supports the compressor nearly sits flush with the bottom of the fridge..it's designed I'm lead to believe to dissipate heat from the compressor sitting on it.
It maybe a case..when this plate became warm as it dissipated the heat, this could have caused some substance in the carpet underneath...ie white epoxy glue to seep from under a carpet join etc.
The fridge when packed would weight about 50kg..so as the plate heated up...with the weight of the fridge..pushed down on the carpet..if there was a joint / hole or even a small tear where you put the fridge...well..the warm glue would have been squashed up and came out of the join..or a hole in the carpet.
That is the only thing I can put it down too..
Getting back to the Engel Combi you have purchased...
I have the 80Ltr Engel Combi fridge / freezer and it was a pain..you have to keep the freezer compartment temp down to between -5 and -8..for the thermostat in the wall to kick in and start the fan in the wall to suck the air in from the freezer into the fridge compartment to keep the fridge compartment between 3 and 5 c.
The issue is..if you do not have the freezer in such a low temp..the fridge compartment will get no where near 3 to 5 c. Plus if you are in high ambient temp..ie 30's..the fridge struggles to get the freezer compartment down to between -5 /-8 and hence you will have issues with the fridge compartment keeping its contents cold. The fridge will cycle continuously and burns Ahrs....I was up to between 6 and 8 amps per hour and when this was happening, the fridge was noisy..
This problem became exponential especially in high ambient or high humid condition..ie when the NT or FNQ...during summer up here on the Far North Coast..the fridge was working hard and I could not get the higher loaded fridge compartment items cold..items close to the fridge compartment walls were nearly frozen..and drinks were always luke cold...but never really cold..so whilst camping we always had to check the fridge compartment every hour or so.
Then just to put the cheery on the topping...you have to leave a gap / area of about 3 to 5cm away from the fridge freezer divider wall...do not pack items close to this wall on the freezer side...because the fan will not work..the air can not get drawn into the fridge part..for the items are blocking the air flow.
The positive thing is...the freezer works well..but the overall operational design ..it sucks!!!
I took this up with the fridge guru at Engel about 3 months ago...his reply "it is, what it is"..in other words.. ..the design temp for the fridge compartment will always sit between 3 and 5c...as the Engel engineer told me ...you can not get the fridge compartment temp down to below 3c..the Engel Combi fridges are principally designed to keep the fridge compartment between 3 and 5 c.
Nah..I like my fridge to be about 1 or 2c..
Remember this issue is only with the Combi Engel fridges/freezer model.
Guess what...
I sold the Engel and with the money I got for it, I went and bought a 80Ltr Evakool Travel Mate..
You might be lucky and not have the issues I had with the Engel..
Good luck.
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