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Hi Guys,

I have recently purchased a 97' model 80 series LC. The swivel hubs needed attention as there was a lot of grease being "flung" around.
After cleaning and inspecting everything, I have found that the swivel hub bearings did not have the correct pre-load. (dimpling on the outer race of the taper bearings). The shaft seal on the diff casing seens to be uniformly worn and the diff oil was clean (free of CV grease), so I am assuming that the shaft was centred correctly, but that it was only the pre-load that had not been correctly set.
I have been trying to get hold of the factory manual, but even Toyota seem to be dragging their feet as to where or how to go about getting something that is out of print.

Does any body know of an easy way to check the centreing on the drive shaft?

Thanks in advance
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Reply By: muzzimbidgie - Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:00

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:00
Try a "Gregory's" owners service manual.

Try a diff specialist in the phone book.
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Follow Up By: Member - Davoe (WA) - Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:17

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:17
it does not seem to be there for specification it says see text text refers to it tells you how to measure it but says see specifications DOH!
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Follow Up By: banjodog - Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 16:29

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 16:29
This is the Toyota SST (special service tool) required to accurately setup the knuckle housing - for centering the axle and shim preload for the bearings. It's been a few years since I did the last one but it's not really essential as the shims should be pretty close to being right with new swivel bearings - I'm assuming you are going to replace them.

However, as already stated here, keep the top shims sererate from the bottom shims when cleaning the parts and DO replace the inner axle seal - now's the best time to do it. Pack plenty of moly grease into the CV.

Allow about 6 hours to do both sides - that includes cleaning all parts and re-greasing the hub bearings. Machine the rotors if need be at this stage too and maybe a set of pads.
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Follow Up By: banjodog - Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 16:31

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 16:31
Sorry, the link to the SST - http://toyota.spx.com/detail.aspx?id=416&g=20
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Reply By: Bob Y. - Qld - Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:10

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 15:10

Good choice of vehicle!!!

By your description of the cups of bearing, they are stuffed! Depending on clicks on your 80, would suggest they are originals. This problem used to cause really bad wheel wobble in the older models, not too sure about the 80 series.

Have been doing king pin bearings on tojos, since late 70's, and back then the bearing caps had a mob of shims fitted, and there was a special tool/s that you needed to do the job correctly. Have never needed to check centreing on these later vehicles, never had a break down because of this.

On the later models I've done, mainly 75's, there are few, if any shims. Always best to keep each bearing cap seperate, so any shims are not mixed up.
Since the '90's all the parts involved around kingpins, hub studs and the like have been really beefed up, so rarely have the problems of 30 years ago.

A complete kit is available, after market, Maxi-Trac Swivel Housing Kit SH-7. Has everything you need to upgrade the front end. Strongly suggest you replace the inner axle oil seals too, while you've got it apart.

As part of our servicing regime here, have 4 L/C's, we pump 30-40 pumps of grease into the swivel hub, every 10K clicks. If you were doing mainly city work, then you could maybe reduce this a bit.

Dozer is the one to give you the good oil, on tojo's.

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Reply By: Member - DOZER- Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 17:26

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 at 17:26
Hi if you got oil with the grease when you took it all appart, it is most probably from worn c/v joints more than the bearing pitting marks. The pitting occurs because 99% of the load goes through them when they are in the same position...namely wheels straight ahead...the c/v when it wears, allows the axle to move up and down as power is delivered to the outer axle, and oil gets through....you can buy a complete swivel kit off ebay for 97 dollars at the moment....hope i havnt upset your day if u have it already....dont know what quality these kits are...and i know the swivel bearings are dear...i paid half price... $40 i think for mine through a bearng specialist.
ps take the one way valve off both diffs aswell if not already and put aan old fuel filter in there instead...stops water getting sucked in and oil getting forced out.
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Reply By: 80Cruiser - Wednesday, Jan 19, 2005 at 08:31

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2005 at 08:31
Thanks for the replies, After asking the question here, I called Toyota and got some interesting info.
Apparently the seal between the diff and the swivel hubs was modified in models from '95 on. These seals have a larger sealing shoulder that allows a bit more flex and so allows for slight vertical misalignment. They did recommend that the shafts be centred.
I have the swivel hub seal kit, wheel bearings etc, but was surprised to find that the kits don't come with shims, they rely on the shims being correct. (forgetting that someone may have had a bright idea and tossed them out without thinking at a previous stage)

All sorted out now tho, have the left side done and pre-loads set, now on to the right side.

Hi Dozer, good idea to replace the breathers with filter, the other thing I want to do is run the breathers up intoi the engine bay. Keep them as high as possible.
I paid $110 for the hub kit and about $45 per side for the wheel bearings. (not too far off your prices). They parts look like they are good quality. (seals arent flimsy etc)

Thanks again for the input, really appreciated.

Looking forward to some driving now, been spending time trying to get things up to scratch before heading out.
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