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My Nissan 3l has developed an annoying problem. Every now and then when you press the accelerator the vehicle does not repond. The motor happily idles and if you carefully tap the accelerator pedal a few time you can get the motor to rev and away you go again. A recent trip to Cervantes had this happen at Cataby on the bitumen but the trip home through the sand was without a problem despite very heavy going. It can happen on the way to work and not happen in the sandhills so it is very intermittent. Nissan seem to be perplexed and I have diagnostic sessions coming out of my ears. No solutions. The accelerator module has been replaced under warranty (as the vehicle has only 28k on it) and the computer re-booted.
Anyone with any ideas???????
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Reply By: Jimbob - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 06:08

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 06:08

Check out thr fuel system, and I mean from the back to the front. I had the same symptons with a GU, but it was only the filter. I have had problems with a petrol vechicle where a screen filter in the tank would block up when driving, only on good open flat roads, when stoping and starting or on the rough stuff the movement in the tank would keep it free ofbleepand forward motion was achieved.
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Reply By: Knight Patrol - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 09:44

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 09:44
The dealer cleaned the lines and replaced the filter as a first step. The problems seems to be very intermittent so I assume the fuel lines are OK otherwise the problem would be there most if not all of the time. The problem has been going on since early December and I have used about three tank fulls in that time so fuel quality is not an issue.
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Reply By: Michael ( Moss Vale NSW) - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 13:49

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 13:49
Sad when the dealer cant fix it!!!!
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Reply By: greghud - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 23:31

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 23:31
do these things have electronic throttle control?
the new hilux has. it is a servo controling the electronic fuel injection
the servo could be faulty? explans the tapping on the throttle then it works.
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Follow Up By: Member - Jeff M (WA) - Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 20:24

Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 20:24
Yeah I was thinking the same thing while reading your post. I know our series 3 at work does funny things with the electronic throtle. Somtimes it'll just die in the ass and then woohoo! My bro reckons that because the throttle is electronic the ECU can control the gearbox/torque converter, injection, throttle, everything, so if it (for whatever reason) thinks that there is a problem with what your doing it can just drop the throttle off until it's happy and then it'll let you go back on your way.

Either that or it's just a faulty motor or sensor on the pedal.
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Reply By: Savvas - Sunday, Jan 30, 2005 at 07:49

Sunday, Jan 30, 2005 at 07:49
I agree with Greg ... it's likely to be the electronic throttle. Either the servo at the the throttle body end, or maybe the sender at the accelerator pedal.
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Reply By: Paul - Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 02:55

Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 02:55

Just wondering..... I have a 2000 GU which has a very imtermittant problem (ie has not occured in over 5 weeks but prior to that I had it happen 5 times in one trip to Central Coast, and I was able to reproduce it quite regulary going up a specific hill near home first thing when the car was started at any time of day, but there were other times where it was fine) (I've only noticed it in 3rd and 5th gears) and when engine revs are about 2500 - 3000 I get this sudden loss of power....its like the waste gate on the turbo opens up and the engine revs slowly decrese, taking the foot off the accelerator and pushing it down again resets it and engine revs pick up and I accelerate up the hill or on the flat

West End Diesel have looked at it and cannot reproduce it, they said if the waste gate opens this would casue an error code in the ECU which they found none (error codes)

I'm guessing here but you could have a faulty the GU's are direct injection they have a two stage injector ie they require something like 160psi for the first stage and 320psi for the second (don't quote me on that). Why I do not know I only say this as West End Diesel tested my injectors and said I had one which was border line on the second stage and explained it to me in their lingo but if they are faulty it can lead to lack of power and maybe it is good somedays and sticks a little on other days but @ $500 per injector and you don't replace one you replace the lot...$2000 buck I don't have at the moment.


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Follow Up By: awill4x4 - Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 10:57

Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 10:57
I'm not surprised that no error code for the wastegate shows up as the ZD30 doesn't have a wastegate it uses a variable vane exhaust housing.
I have heard of this same problem on early 3 litre diesel Patrols and I believe that in some cases Nissan were replacing ECU's to get a fix.
I think it was put down to the ECU not controlling the variable vane adequately particularly on hills and it was always the same thing, get off the throttle then get back on to get it to boost.
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Follow Up By: Paul - Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 15:33

Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 15:33
Thanks for the info.....probably got buckles of getting Nissan to swap out the ECU when its over a year out of factory warranty though !!!

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Reply By: Knight Patrol - Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 16:44

Monday, Jan 31, 2005 at 16:44
This is great feedback, thank you. I went up to New Norcia on the weekend with a tandem trailer and light load and empty trailer back. Road was quite rough and the Patrol performed fautlessly. Went crawling around the feedlot in the heat, dust and rocks all OK so the fault is very intermittent. It just happens when it wants too and no amount of "tricks" will invoke it. The Nissan Dealer has taken it on and we are now waiting for a Nissan Australia response to a heap of diagnostics. I will post the outcome as it seems to have alot of people perplexed including me.

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