New 60/80 Cruiser or new motor??

Submitted: Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 13:04
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Howdy all, How's things?

Now I know that in most cases it usually always makes more sense to get a new car (especially when you can get some good 2nd hand quality Cruiser's lying around) but is it worth just getting a good secondhand, reco motor?

here's my scenario.
In the near future, like so many before me, I want to head around aussy holidaying & working. I own a FJ60 dual fuel Cruiser. I love the old bus. It's got 260 on the clock, Bullbar, roofrack, side bars, rear wheel carrier, CD, CB, driving lights, winch, dual battery, reconditioned Koni Shocks, load carrying springs, 33 inch BFG muddies.

Over the last couple years the work done to good old Betsy includes:
New radiator, new front bearings, new brake master cylinder, alot of surface de-rusting ( always weary of this in these old buses, so I've spent alot of time treating what rust is there ) & a fair bit of work to the old 2F motor. The diff's, gearbox, t/case seem 2 be going fine.I've regularly kept up good penrite oil to it all the time.

For me, the car is perfect but...... due to plans to go 'outback' aussy & also because the dual fuel is quite.... finicky ( regularly needing servicing, little things occassionally going wrong ), the diesel reliability is very appealing.

I know you can get 1/2 decent old diesel 60 cruiser's for ~$8000 & up, but between setting it up, that vehicle's 'unknowns'?? (ie, running gear, motor, parts etc ) & all the mucking around, am i better off ( especially how mine is relatively well set up)??

Do i consider a reliable new/secondhand new diesel motor (what models? 12ht would b awesome but theyre pricy. ) which might be ~$3000(?) & up with conversion/ installation costs or lash out on a late 60 series or 80 series? ( didnt the 80 series have the 60 running gear until 1994 or so anyhow? what other benefits would a 80 series give me? no rust, coils ).I'd hope that I'd atleast get 8,000 for my bus. some of those 62 series with the 12ht seem the goods but good secondhand models seem few & far between.

Anyways guys, thanks for your time & cheers for responses in advance

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Reply By: muzzimbidgie - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 13:53

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 13:53
You could open a can of worms here.

I too used to own an FJ62 on gas but with the 3F motor, but because of always being at my mechanics cos the bloody thing would never run properley, I got into a newish turbo diesel patrol. I did the look around for a diesel motor (12HT) but the only decent one I found was at Just Toyota Wreckers in perth, and they wanted 8 grand for it !!

I understand you don't have the budget for a newish patrol and yes you will loose out on all the hard work and money you've spent on the 60, but my recomendation would be a diesel GQ patrol, or a diesel 80 series. They are both reliable honest 4WD's, both very capable for towing, off road work, and parts for both can be found far and wide in this great land of ours.

I have owned a fourby with a transplanted motor, and unless you did the conversion yourself and you know exactly whats what, it could end up spoiling your big trip. Should something stuff up when in the bush, and there's nowone who can help you, it may cost big bucks and tears.



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Reply By: 80scruiser - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 15:24

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 15:24
A diesel 60 series set up are one of the greats but honestly you can get some great buys in the second hand 80 series market. Some are well set up for little or no further outlay. Buy the 4x4 trader and just 4x4 advertising mags and there is plenty to choose. I thought about updating my old 80 series but decided to spend a bit on it and keep it for the same reason you are, its well set up and reliable.
Places like Bendigo Toyota and Ballarat Toyota have some great deals on brand new engines so may be try them to see if a 12ht is available. It will be expensive as you only get the bare engine so you still have to buy all the accessories.

What ever way you go best of luck but I still swear by my diesel 80 with Denco Turbo.
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Reply By: Tuff60 - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 15:42

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 15:42
Rowen, If you have your 60 the way you like it, give it a new engine, if your looking for an excuse to buy something newer do it. Just a couple words of advice(IMHO), if you plan on a transplant. If your looking for a 12HT you will need more than just the motor, a short list of extras would be: A dash pod from a 12HT, Fuel Tank from a 12HT, Pre heat wiring from a 12HT, Fuel return line from a12HT. You would be better to buy your own wreck from an auction somewhere than to buy the bits loose from a wrecker and then try and figure it out when you get home.

Your other option is a V8 conversion, buy using a V8 you would get to keep all you dual fuel gear. For the interest of finding parts anywhere in Aus, you already have the most common brand of 4WD so stick with a common V8, either a holden 308(blue moter onwards as they have electric dizzys, better for gas and don't mind the odd splash of water like points dizzys do) or a Ford XD onwards 302 or 351 Cleveland. Both brands of motors are like Toyota 4WD's found everywhere, even sometime on the road into town. Chevs are great motors, but bits are hard to find in most out of city areas. Stick with carbi avoid injection as it makes road side repairs too hard. The Holden does have the dizzy at the back unlike the Ford so it does tend to stay alot drier when nose diving into rivers but the Ford makes better torque, in both sizes, making it more suited to a 4WD. Around town you will notice the V8 uses the same amount of fuel as your 2F(as they are pigs anyway) and will use less at cruising speed.
Another word on the 12HT's, and I'll probably get shot for saying it is, avoid imprort cruisers, partly for voltage issues but mostly for the FACT that somewhere between here and japan anything up to 100,000ks go missing from the odometer.

I have done both conversions, to 60's, if you played around with spanners before you can do either, the only hard bit of the V8 is welding in the mounts, everything else is easy with patients, and some helpfull friends.

And yes I might be biased as I drive a 89 VX Sahara with a EFI Holden V8, far more fun than the 12HT was.
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Reply By: ptcrowe - Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 19:44

Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 at 19:44
12ht's great engines. But bloody expensive. I'll throw another option up in the air a diesel V8. I know of a few 60's running about with these monsters in them. The biggest drama for you of course is changing from petrol to diesel. From my limited understanding there are a fair few issues with wiring ect.
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Reply By: Member - DOZER- Sunday, Jan 30, 2005 at 16:04

Sunday, Jan 30, 2005 at 16:04
If it is rusty, update, if it is a limo and you are happy with it, dont touch gas as a backup and fuel only once off the blacktop.
Marks adapters can fit just about any motor in your 60, but the cost would gt you into a 1990-92 hzj80. Much better for round oz and 4bing, more comfortable to ride in and reliable as the tide...
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