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Have owned 91 Nissan Terrano for aprox 12 months , fairly happy except for that well known Terrano trait of inadequate cooling system . I know in previous threads thermatic fans , extra core in the radiator have all been suggested as ways of improving the temp , has any Terrano owners actually fitted a thermatic fan as it is hard to see where room could be found for a fan ?? And has any one fitted that extra core in the radiator . If so what were the results ?
Now on examination of the tyres i soon wil be forking out for new ones , the current tyres are " Roadstone " , not really sure who makes them and whether they are available in Oz . So i am looking for advice on good value for money tyres? Like a lot of 4wd owners most of my travel is on the bitumen and towing either a camper trailer or caravan .
And to finish my posting , how much coin are you Terrano owners charged for a normal service ?
Happy travels to all on this web site
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Reply By: Brian B (QLD) - Tuesday, Feb 01, 2005 at 09:38

Tuesday, Feb 01, 2005 at 09:38

My son has a 91 Terrano RM3 powered by the 2.7 Turbo Diesel engine.

His car has one thermo fan situated on the normal side of the radiator and an additional one situated outside the radiator behind the grille. We didn't install this as it was on the car when he got it. The only change we made is that originally it had its own switch but as a safety measure we wired it up to the ignition circuit. From his temp readings especially when in 4x4 mode, it makes a great difference.

These cars do run hot that's for sure. Our mechanic also has advised us that it would be a good idea to install a temp sensor that can measure head temperature to support the existing gauge that measures water temp.

I can't comment on the radiator mod as we haven't done that.

Currently my son runs Bridgestone Duellers on his and he is happy enough with them.

Our mechanic charges around $200.00 to service the car. This is an average only as it varies at different intervals.


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Reply By: Rob! - Tuesday, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:27

Tuesday, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:27

Have you tried adding some extra silicon oil ($11 from toyota) to the fan clutch. Many people swear by it. I replaced my "fan clutch/water pump" a few weeks ago and added the extra oil. Mine didn't run too hot previously but there definately was an improvement.

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Reply By: SantaAus - Wednesday, Feb 02, 2005 at 14:02

Wednesday, Feb 02, 2005 at 14:02

At the moment i am i the middle of fiddling with the cooling system in my td27 Terrano. Firstly you will need to replace the termostat with one rated at 87.5 degrees (Aust standard). Redo the silicon grease in your fan hub. (Or install twin electric thermo fans which I will be doing soon) I will be installing a new temp. gauge and exhaust temp gauage to monitor the temp from that point of view. I would suggest installing a new radiator, i am going over kill and installing a 4 core KING CORE radiator. Which hopefully should help keep temps down. I wil re-post when i have any more info on the system. Also Dragon has done a cooling system overhaul in his Terrano. do a search on this forum.

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Follow Up By: Shaker - Wednesday, Feb 02, 2005 at 14:20

Wednesday, Feb 02, 2005 at 14:20
That radiator sounds very expensive!

I have tried radiator disassembly & clean, new water pump (includes fan viscous coupling), high flow thermostat, fitting a snorkel, opening out the dummy centre grille holes (Terrano 2), nothing has made any difference.
I also considered an extra thermo fan, but the 'experts' said it would only make a difference at very low speeds.
I priced bigger radiators but the cheapest was about $1000.00

Other than the annoying overheating problem, the vehicle is very hard to fault. Admittedly it has to be worked quite hard to get hot, but if you are halfway out of Butcher Country, with an 1100kg Camper trailer on the back, it is awkward to stop.
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Reply By: SantaAus - Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 17:16

Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 17:16

What I had to do was get a 4 core made up, it did not increase the width of the core from standard (45mm) but increases the surface area, for better cooling. Being an import you might have to go this way.
One thing that I forgot, to test your fan clutch, when it is hot, turn the engine OFF and try and rotate the fan by hand, if it is easy to move or free running, then your clutch is stuffed, if it is stiff it should be ok, I found this out today and realised that my clutch is stuffed, a new unit will cost around the $300 mark. I have heard that a twin thermo fan setup out od a 80's model Range Rover should fit in.

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Reply By: hoyks - Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 18:33

Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 18:33
I have a T2 and have done all the cooling stuff listed above, replaced water pump and re-siliconed clutch, new thermostat, flushed block, fitted a new Nissan radiator (was cheaper than getting a re-core) and lastly fitted a 10" electric fan in front of the radiator. It has been running warmer than I liked ever since I fitted a bullbar.

The electric fan just made the airconditioning a tad cooler, but did buggerall to the normal opperating temp. Last time I took it out to the beach I almost boiled it, but this weekend just gone it was a lot better. Only difference was I left the car on the lawn with the sprinkler spraying into the airconditioner cooling core (unintentionaly) then gave it a good hose out. Was very suprised how much gunk came out and the temp hasn't climbed over halfway since.

Might be a place to look for some.

PS. I occasionaly have a look at a pomy site dedicated to Terranos and they complain of problems where their engines don't get warm enough.
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Follow Up By: Shaker - Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 22:46

Thursday, Feb 03, 2005 at 22:46
G'day hoyks ... gotta link to that pommy site?
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Follow Up By: hoyks - Friday, Feb 04, 2005 at 15:31

Friday, Feb 04, 2005 at 15:31
link text
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Reply By: Shaker - Friday, Feb 04, 2005 at 22:16

Friday, Feb 04, 2005 at 22:16
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Reply By: Brian - Sunday, Feb 06, 2005 at 19:33

Sunday, Feb 06, 2005 at 19:33
Thanks for all the helpfull comments you blokes
Rob : i had a new fan clutch fitted before our trip to Tassie last March so not sure if my mechanic used that Toyota silicon oil , must ask him .
Santa Aus : you certainly have gone to a lot of trouble , just hope it is worth it , give this forum a "hoy" for the results . I have read somewhere that the cooling cannot be improved dramatically because of the small capacity of the water jacket , can any one comment on this please ?
Before my trip to Tassie last March i towed a camper trailer from WA and had no problem with the cooling till the big hill coming out of Adelaide and was i glad to see the turnoff to Handorf ( well worth a visit ) The Adelaide hill sure changed my Tas itinery , had to abandon planned west coast leg .
With the new rubber to go on the old girl i have decided on Firestone for $165 each , seems ok to me
Thanks again everyone
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