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Hi all,

I am currently out looking for a roof rack for a 99 NL Pajero. We want to fit us, two teenagers and all our gear in for a trip without taking the camper trailer so a roof rack is needed. Have looked at the TJM and the ARB and the ARB seems to be a much better designed and thought out rack. I really liked the look of one called an Aero-Rack that I saw on the internet but the manufacturer seems to have dissapeared. The questions I have are -

1. Steel or Alloy? Corrugations and long dirt travel are planned.
2. There is a choice of 1850 long or 2200 long. The 2200 will come almost right up to the front of the roof and I was wondering what the effect will be on wind resistance and fuel since the roof dips down in the front.
3. Which rack? Are the ARB racks as strong as they seem? Do the adjustable legs cause any problems with things loosening while on the road?
4. What other brands are good?
5. The tradesmans style with the open front and back seems like a good idea to me as it can be used for carrying other things when not travelling. How important is it to have the front and back if things are properly tied down or even in a bag?
6. Do the built in (and quite expensive) wind deflectors actually do anything?

Hoping others can actually talk from experience as all I have had in the past is a small basket on a couple of rails towards the back.


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Reply By: Nudenut - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 15:44

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 15:44
when i got mine i didnt know about the trademan type...after the event i found out that the co that made mine could make them with removable front and backs...would have saved me from having to remove it all the time to throw the ladders back on for work...bugga!
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Reply By: Footloose - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 16:08

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 16:08
Have a think, do I really want it on all the time? Have I got the resources to get it off when not needed? How am I going to get up there ? What am I going to carry and will this adversly affect the stability of the vehicle ?

Get a good quality steel one. You are going to be storing your gear there, and dont want it flying off into the bush on a washaway. Steel is also easier to get welded in remote areas. Remember that your vehicle may handle differently in cross winds etc

Wind deflectors can help with economy.

If you buy one, get a brand name eg ARB. They know the requirements e.g. where they have to flex etc.
El cheapos made in your mates garage may seem attractive but often end up on the side of the track :((
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Reply By: early2 - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 16:14

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 16:14
Hey Tim,

Having just bought a rack last month here is what I think,

Aluminium = more usable load, and less weight added to the overall mass of your vehicle.

Length is a personal choice, I think full length is great, the rack will make your fuel consumption go up regardless of length

If your in WA avoid ARB/TJM ect. and get a "Jayram" rack, they are the most popular rack where we live in Derby. (i think that how you spell it) I wish I could afford one. They have a very low profile and from all accounts have the least wind noise. They also come standard with wind deflector. I was not able to find them on the web. Also not one person i work with whom has them has a bad word about the rack.

I tried to buy a ARB rack and no one wanted to sell me, on account of complaints of high wind noise and other problems.

Be sure to look at all the racks individually before making your purchase, away from the heat of the moment with the salesman standing over you.
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Reply By: GazzaS (VIC) - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:19

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:19
hi Tim

went through a similar exercise last year. here are some of the crucial things I found;

will it be permanent - if not then steel can be very heavy to remove and install.
what weight will the Pajero allow as a roof load? Toyota Prado maxs at 75Kg for centre of gravity issues, not ability to carry the weight.
length - the full length ones are great but they can also be noisier as they approach the area where the wind is forced up and over the windscreen.

We settled for an aluminium - removable (height challenged with garage) and unladen weight. Also the manufacturer would only go to within 400mm I think of the windscreen due to the noise issue but went right to the back of the vehicle.

Good luck
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Reply By: Member - Tim - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:38

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:38
Thanks for the replies so far.

To clarify a couple of things - It won't fit in the garage at work so no it will not be permanent but I have this idea of setting up some rings and ropes in the roof of the carport to make it easy to lift it off the top and then lower it back on again so the weight should not matter. Unfortunately not all my ideas work, but I think this one will :). I also managed to get in touch with the company in WA that used to make the Aero Rack and it is no longer made so that avenue is out.

I quite often carry two Kyaks on the roof on two rails so I know what the cross winds can be like but it is still better on fuel than when towing the trailer and that may be an issue on some of the trips we are planning.

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Follow Up By: Member - Tim - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:39

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:39
Sorry , one more thing - I am in Brisbane so the WA one may not be an option.
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Reply By: old-plodder - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:59

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 17:59
We have a 1996 pajero with full length rack.
From memory it is an alloy EDS from nth side of Brisbane, but we bought it in 1986 for the old NB and had it modified by EDS in 1997 for the NK.
2.1m long, whereas most these days are 2m long, and I think the 2.1 is a bit long, and creates a bit more wind noise and resistance. Usually costs us about 1 to 1.5l/100k depending on speed at 90/95k.
I think the roof of the pajero (with real gutters) is rated at 200kg.
This one has 20mm shs bars @ 150centres. Full length supports in the gutter and 3 brackets back up to the rack, at each main pillar. So I suppose you would call it a tradesman style.
We carry:
2nd spare, tent, poles, tarp, chairs, table, stove, gas cylinder, box with filters/hoses and fire cooking equipment. Oh, forgot the sleeping bags and mats.
Usually one of us climbs up to load and unload.
Ladder clips on the side and sits on the rear tyre at the bottom.
Is carried across the back of rack.
Shovel is mounted on the side of the rack.

We tie down the heavy stuff like the tyre.
Otherwise have a tarp under and another one over and run a rope over the whole lot.

Has been to cape york, most of qld, central aust, western nsw, just did finders ranges via strezlecki and birdsville tracks.

Yes, I have rigged up some pulleys under the house to lift on and off, but this rack must be about 30kg as I can easily carry it around by myself and two of us walk it on from the back, as long as you are not too height challenged!

Am looking at a wind deflector for the next trip, cant hinder the fuel consumption more than what we have.
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Reply By: Member - Stan (VIC) - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 19:05

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 19:05
Have a look at the trader section under Accesories, there are ARB rack for Pajero for Sale.

Also there are Rhino-Rack Allow Racks available which will suit Pajero.
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Follow Up By: Member - Tim - Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 19:10

Monday, Apr 11, 2005 at 19:10
Thanks Stan,

Unless something else has gone in there since I looked the rack was in Adelaide which is a fair way to transport :). I will check it again though. Also I already have some Prorack bars that I put a small basket on but I don't really like them for the long trips. When we went to the cape both bars cracked at one end due to the rough roads. We had some fuel up there but only for as short a time as possible until we could put it in the tank. They have been welded up but I would prefer a full rack for the extra strength. I suppose I would really prefer steel as well since there are lots of places that can weld it wheras I doubt there are many that can weld alloy.

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