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Hi guys
Firstly thanks a lot for all your follow up and input im sorry if i missed replying back to anyone
Iwent to the dealer today and after much discussion re benifits of a 9.5 verses a 10000 Warn the bottom line was they were more than happy to change it over ?
However a couple of points raised were that the 10 is a much stronger than 9.5 ie built with heavy motor and box also better sealed ??
they said they hear of a lot more 9.5 s with problems than you ever here with 10 + 12 15 ???
also not as much heat with 10 ?
also 9.5 more for comps where they want fast one line pulls ? where in real world a ten with a block not really a problem .
also if i was pulling a trailer or putting a slide on camper in tray which i might , then the 10 would be the way to go ?
Please bear in mind this is what i was told i my self dont have enough experience with winches to know if this is fact or not
I should mention that i would prefere to put on synthetic rope instead of wire
the thought was that the 10 has 11mm wire so change it to synthetic 12mm which has break strain of 16 000 kg (pos over kill) also change the fairlead to lighter synthetic which works better with rope ,and this would save me approx 14 kg all up but keep the 10000 winch what do u think ????? regards BLU
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Reply By: Exploder - Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 21:24

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 21:24
Synthetic is fine as long as long as you don’t get dirt in it or get a cut on the line (rubbing on a rock or whatever), Just look at the precaution’s you need to take when using Rock Climbing rope (Can’t stand on it, Has to have protective sleeves put on it if going over abrasive edges and you can’t get too much dirt on it.) Basically same story with synthetic Winch line)

The wire winch line will also have a B/S Factor built into it; I would say the winch would stop pulling before the wire would brake (If the wire was in good condition)

The synthetic stuff would be good, But just think of all the extra stuffing around you have to do when using it to make sure it dose not get damaged Wire line, stand on it cover it in mud, dirt, all the rest get home give it a hose off bit of WD-40 and it will do it all again tomorrow.

I would just go the 9500 winch, It is a lot of stuffing around just for an extra 500 pound’s, as for the problem’s with the 9500 I suspect you would have to be abusing it on a regular basis to cause a problem.

I don’t have a winch; they are just my thoughts on the subject.
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Reply By: Member - 'Lucy' - Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 22:46

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 22:46
I am going to ask the question which has perplexed me no end watching this post and following threads.

Just how critical is this 14kg you are desperate to shed.

Your vehicle is a LT, that is a light truck, and 14 kg in the overall scheme of things on a LT is 4/5ths of the proverbial F-all.

Plasma rope. It is a fantastic invention and works well as long as you know its limitations and treat it right.

It is the preferred rope used in winch competitions (usually 10mm on a warn h-mount).

These guys abuse the absolute S H I T out of it and yes it does degrade and snap.

I have watched them many times bury the front of their comp vehicles in a creek full of mud and water, spool out the rope through the mud and c r a p and then winch back through it without a problem.

They change these ropes on a fairly regular basis, but not as often as you would think, considering the absolute abuse they give it.

Also it is a simple job to either tie off or splice if it does break.

I also admit that I have changed to plasma rope, for ease of use and no wire splinters. Added bonus is bit less weight but not a critical factor.

It is there for THE emergency if and when required.
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Reply By: Leroy - Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 22:55

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005 at 22:55
I have a 10k winch on my Patrol and yes it is heavy and yes it is slow but it is more reliable than the 9500. The 9500 is faster to spool but are you really in that much of a hurry? Oh the original question was weight!! I'm surprised you can notice the winch on the front with the steel bar etc. I think you should unbolt it and go for a drive and see if you ca notice the difference. I also think you may find the drum generates too much heat for plasma rope. This was the case in the past and I don't expect the situation has change unless the rope is now better?

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Follow Up By: Moggs - Thursday, Jul 28, 2005 at 11:04

Thursday, Jul 28, 2005 at 11:04
Heat is only a problem when powering out a planetary winch which has the brake in the drum. Shouldn't be powering out unless you are just releasing tension anyway as it is the equivalent of driving with a hand brake on - sooner or later you will stuff the winch brake. Not going to debate this with anyone - but these winches are not hoists and shouldn't be used powering out for any distance - just read any winch manual and it will tell you so.

Just on 'plasma' rope which seems to be a generic description of all synthetic ropes. I use Amsteel Blue with an aluminium billet hawse and couldn't be happier. It is light, no wire splinters, UV protected - and most importantly, no recoil when it breaks. I got mine from www.okoffroad.com out of the states.

You can get 40 meters delivered to Australia for around $200 - that is under 1/2 the price you will pay here for rope such as Dynamica from ARB. (there is a guy from Queensland trying to sell the stuff on eBay for $500+....no doubt he is buying it cheap like I did from the USA) What makes it even better is that you will be able to sell your new wire rope that came with your new winch for more than the shipped cost of the Amsteel Blue on the second hand market. Also bought the aluminium hawse from okoffroad - great company and they ship regularly to Australia.
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Reply By: Outnabout David (SA) - Thursday, Jul 28, 2005 at 09:37

Thursday, Jul 28, 2005 at 09:37
"they said they hear of a lot more 9.5 s with problems than you ever here with 10 + 12 15 ??? " probably more problems because there are more sold????

Also are we talking problems with the 9.5 hs or 9.5 xp?

My understanding twas that the XP had some fairly good water sealing properties.

I notice the extra weight of the steel bar and 9.5XP winch since refitting to new vehicle and I really don't think you will notice much difference inb steering weight between the two,

As someone said. Unbolt it and see the difference. I think originally you said it was on a 79# cruiser which would be dead easy to take off. Only 4 bolts and the wiring to disconnect, Then hang on a bag of sand with the weight of a 9.5 to see the diffence but as I said I don't thing the winch size on its own will make that much difference.

If your suspension ois the right one then I would just get used to it.
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Reply By: beamer - Saturday, Jul 30, 2005 at 21:55

Saturday, Jul 30, 2005 at 21:55
why not an 8000lb high mount plenty around second hand done bugger all work
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