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G'day folks,

Been having a little trouble with my HiLux... It's in having it's second front diff replacement! The first one broke whilst negotiating the Spanish steps out in the Blue Mountains, and then the second one went with no warning whilst doing a turn in a track. Toyota have now told me that there was water in the diff and may not repair it under warranty!

Given that I've not been crossing deep rivers, has anyone else come across this problem, or had similar issues with HiLux fron diffs? The car was bought new in 2004 and is a V6 SR5 (stock except for BFG A/T Tyres).

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Reply By: Member - JohnR (Vic)&Moses - Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 16:42

Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 16:42
You better look up Landcruiser 100 front diffs. They aren't for putting too much strain on.

They haven't replaced them nor have they fixed the collapsed IFS on the 100s and there have been a few of those too including EO members for each problem.
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Reply By: Eddy - Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 19:14

Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 19:14
Which bit broke, specifically?
A Diff is a complex assembly of many parts.

Also ask them for an oil sample from your diff.
Don't let them scare you.

Lubricant contamination should cause accelerated wear over time but not sudden
catastrophic failure.

Catastrophic failure is normally associated with gross abuse or component failure.

Lots of luck

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Reply By: TUFF IFS LUX - Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 19:21

Friday, Jan 20, 2006 at 19:21

I understand your predicament buddy! I gota 2003 V6 'Luxy and me rear diff went at 30,000kays. It's a manual, got 2"lifted suspension and at the time I had Dunlop MT1 31" muddy's on it. Happend on the monday morning drivin to work after a weekend of 4x4'ing, when I gassed it slightly over a speedhump at the servo, the rear wheels jumped up over the bump but as they landed an almighty bang! Took it to a dealer coz they wouldnt let me do it at the workshop I work in, and they told me straight-out that it wouldn't be covered under warranty because of the suspension and tyres contributing to my problem (they reckon). There was another hilux in at the same time with the front one blown after 4x4'ing too.

I told the service manager he can stick his warranty up his rectumm, and I was gonna take it home and slap in a 2nd hand one for $750, for the complete diff. (new one I was quoted as $2,600 - bugger that, put in a nine inch for that money). I talked to a few blokes I new within Technical Services at Toyota and got meself and the other poor bugger covered under warranty.

I've had 2more V6 hilux's with rear diff at my workshop, me mates neighbour blew his after 3,000kays, and a bloke at melbourne city toyota reckons they've hada few too.

It comes down too a couple of things, the IFS hilux's have a 7.5" diff centre as opposed to the live axle hilux's which had 8" diffs, supposedly much more stronger. This 7.5" diff was okay for the low torgue 2.7 petrol, and the 3.0 dieslels, because of the relatively progressive way they slowly apply power, but when they slapped in the V6, the larger instantaneous torque you get when you put your foot down is too much for the 7.5" diffs. add to that the stress of larger tyres etc and they go......

The front diff can't be hammered hard in reverse in four-wheel drive low (i.e. reverse snatching someone) because of the way the gears are cut or something.
Mine blew at 30,000kays and I got 74,000kays with 265/75x16 so it's holding up okay so far. sorry for waffling on, hope it helped!!!
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