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Does anyone know what the maximum legal suspension lift is in W.A.?
I currently have a 2" lift but would like to go to 4" on a GQ Patrol.
Would also like to go from 235/85R16 (31.9") BFG All terrain to 255/85R16 (33.2") Cooper ST. Is this increase in tyre size legal in W.A. or not? Regarding the suspension lift, is it advisable to have adjustable panhard rods or not? Or is the only necessary mod, offset castor bushes?
Just a small note on tyres, my All terrains will be lucky to see 50 000 Kms
(KO's) not impressed. (Some dill in a tyre shop told me people are getting 200 000 Km's out of them! I just laughed) Regarding Hankook RH04 as featured in FWD Monthly tyre comparison March edition which performed very well, quoted $160 on special a couple of weeks ago (235/85R16).
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Reply By: Member - Colin- Thursday, Mar 13, 2003 at 00:35

Thursday, Mar 13, 2003 at 00:35
Held February 18, 2003 at Business Enterprise Centre, 33 Murray Road Welshpool

Present: - Dept for Planning & InfrastructureJohn Donbrose, Remo Marchesi, Hugh Brown, Rex Middleton
WA4WDA - Greg Bremner, Terry Machin
Industry representatives from ARB, OL, ORE, TJM, 4WD USA, Brunswick Diesels, Climax Industries KN Suspension, Malaga Suspension, Midland Suspension, Pedders, Precision Suspension, Rover Craft, Robson Bros, Suspension Man, WA Suspension, Wester 4Wder.

Meeting Opened: - 9.35pm
RM welcomed attendees and advised that he was looking to the Industry to provide expert advice as to a workable limit on liftkits fitted to 4WD’s. There is no point in having a maximum lift of 50mm if the minimum lift of some kits is 65mm.

Eddy Villanova of 4WD USA advised that the minimum lift available from Rancho, his US supplier was 63mm.

It was pointed out that the limit in NSW & QLD had been set at 75mm including suspension, bodylift & tyres.

RM will check on other state policies and advise if 75mm limit acceptable. The measurement procedure for the lift of a vehicle would be the distance between the centre of axle and the bottom centre of the wheel arch. (Known as “eyebrow height”) these measurements were available at:
Proposed in WA: Any lift modification including suspension, body or tyre changes (or combinations) cannot change the “eyebrow height” plus the rolling radius of the tyre greater than 75 mm, without the requirement for engineering certification and a lane change test.

Retailers to provide DPI with details of kits they supply which will be coded. Vehicles (lifted less than 75 mm) will be tagged with either a compliance plate or sticker to identify liftkit installed, body lift if applicable and the maximum compliant tyre size. This will facilitate quick and efficient issuing of permits.

If liftkit/bodylift etc exceeds 75mm, retailers must notify customer before installation of the requirement to complete Vehicle Modification Application.

TM queried if a buffer zone between 75mm & 100mm could be established where a lane change test was not necessarily required. This was not acceptable and all vehicles lifted over 75mm must complete the lane change test before a permit will be issued.

The fact that many standard vehicles could not pass the lane change test was discussed and RM advised that new vehicles were not required to undergo the test as liability rested with the manufacturer whereas after modification, liability was conferred onto DPI.provided that they had been informed and inspected and approved said modification.

Russell Cullen (OL) queried how much time would be allowed for owners to comply with the new regulations. RM advised that when details form today’s meeting were finalised, compliance would need to be swift and that all assistance from DPI would be given. Police were NOT currently enforcing regulations but would be after details finalised.

TM advised that the WA4WDA had around 100 members who would be wanting to obtain permits for their vehicles as a matter of urgency for insurance purposes. RM provided a supply of Vehicle Modification Applications and assured to DPI assistance in organising a day at Kwinana Motorplex to process the lane change tests in bulk. Where there are identical vehicles with identical liftkits and other accessories, only one of the vehicles would be required to complete the lane change test.

TM requested full specifications of the lane change test required. RM agreed to provide copy of standard.

Meeting closed: - 12.05pm Next Meeting T.B.A.

All Members who have a vehicle with modified suspension should take the following action

Action required if your vehicle has a lift more than 75mm:-
1. Obtain Vehicle Modification Application from Terry Machin
2. Return completed applications to TM (Not to DPI)
3. Obtain letter from installer of suspension system/bodylift
4. You will be notified of lane change testing day(s)/Times

Action required if your vehicle has a lift Less than 75mm:-

1. Obtain letter from installer of suspension system/bodylift
2. Book an inspection with DPI
3. Pay Permit Fee

Note: - Your supplier of lift kit components must have already provided a detail of the components to DPI.
Some suppliers may be selling kits, which DPI is not aware of and this will cause delays in the process of the permit.
Colin - Subaru Forester
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Follow Up By: nugget - Thursday, Mar 13, 2003 at 22:50

Thursday, Mar 13, 2003 at 22:50
Colin - read with interest notes of meeting. I gather that this will be the new guidelines and any suspension lift (even 1") or a slightly taller tyre eg going from a 215/80R16 to a 235/85R16 will require a police inspection. What a joke! My vehicle had a 2" lift when I bought it and I woudn't have a clue who manufactured it (orange coils, Koni shocks). How do I obtain a letter from the supplier/ installer? Does this then suggest that my car is illegal and my insurance is void?
Thankyou Colin for the obvious effort you put in to answer my question. I just wonder how long it will be before "fun" will be outlawed.
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Follow Up By: Coops - Saturday, Mar 15, 2003 at 14:46

Saturday, Mar 15, 2003 at 14:46
What an absolute joke this is !

I think I will opt to be uninsured rather than deal with all that bull bleep and it sounds like another income sourcing exercise to me. Another escape clause for insurance companies also. Aren't they "fair weather friends" these days?
How many lifted vehicles are out there endangering peoples lives I wonder?

Great information Colin.

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Reply By: Coops - Saturday, Mar 15, 2003 at 14:29

Saturday, Mar 15, 2003 at 14:29
The only way you'd get 200,000 clicks out of a KO was if it was on your roof rack !
I've relegated mine to the trailer after just 35K as they looked like they'd been thru a mincer as well as having sidewall splits everywhere. Disappointed - Absolutely!Coops
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