One Weekend - 3 Conversions.

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Well the cold and flu took its toll and only about 7 people made it for our long weekend camp.

And it was cold, but the wind and rain mostly held off and we managed quite a bit of fun, thanks to some good healthy campfires and wet tracks.

However - there was one huge disappointment which will forever cast shame on Exploroz.

Not one Exploroz member followed the notes on how to get to our property correctly and arrive at the exact waypoint given.
Its about 10km up a rough forested mountain pass and everyone followed the track notes perfectly for the first 9km but then got distracted.

Our neighbors had decided to have a massive bonfire and campout as well had set up a trail of party balloons right to their site.
All our guests followed the party balloons and went straight into next doors back paddock instead of ours.

After some fun we all settled down and despite the cloud cover, an 80w panel mounted on Mandrakes pod trailer was found to be happily delivery a charge and while they went off in search of wildlife Reece was inching for a 4wd challenge so we went down track I rated as medium, only to find I nearly didn't get out and they had the same trouble in there RV 100 series cruiser.

They went off exploring to get some rabbits, while we burnt out the bonfire and checked out views with Kim. The wildlife was in short supply apart from some roo's running thru camp
although Mandrake was surprised to find a red breasted robin.
On dusk Muzby arrived , via the neighbours , just in time to take charge of the barbie and we had a good time telling stories all night.

Sunday Reece and Damian needed more action and spied a track section were I had nearly rolled some weeks ago down near our waterfalls and took off without my warning really sinking in.
They began well doing a beautiful jumpup the 50 degree embankment landing the cruiser square on the intersecting track
but instead of stopping to realign the car they tried to power over the upslope in front of them.
They got 1 car length and next minute the car was leaning heavily as they slid back and bailed.

Muzby and I caught up to them and after some assurances that they wouldn't go over the edge the car was eased back onto the track and off it was to the next adventure.

After some more tracks we found ourselves on top of a hill looking down into a valley and questioning whether we should attempt it.
Just then the sun came out and we spotted a Koala giving us a big grin.
Everything was looking sweet so they headed of first in the Cruiser, whilst I hung back 50m ready with the winch as I estimated a 50/50 chance of a rescue being needed. Only 200m later the cruiser slipped a little and got off the track
which was about a 20 degree downslope. There was no way back, but we dropped its tyres from 18 to about 12, although one, on a bad angle went down to 8 psi and caused
the driver some concern. After some puffing I got our transfer hose from up the hill and crossed coupled their tyres with in such that they had 10psi in them all.
Despite being pretty up with the 4wd scene this was the first time they had seen a actual practical on the ground use of transfer hose and were quickly converted.
I had also wanted to fit my spare set of chains to the cruiser but they weren't that eager and with some good driving they got the car back onto the track such that it could at least continue downhill and perhaps into a run off area where they might turn around.

Off they proceeded but the diesel had a little to much engine compression or brakes for the slippery surface and within meters they were into the downhill slide scenario.
After some 30 meters of heart stopping action they got enough traction to veer off to the left of the track pulling up sideways in front of a tree.

The weather conditions were still good, and the girls were under control checking out cappicino options back at the house so we all had time to sit down calmly and consider our options.

The Cruiser was some 70 meters below my car and sideways across this slippery "no other way out track" and there was no way it was going to get back up by itself.
Its tyres already at 10psi had saved it once by now we needed something extra.
It would theoretically have been possible for me to drive off and collect some more winch ropes and do a long recovery but even then it would be hard for my car to hold its position
and attempt to winch 3 tonnes of stuck cruiser 200+ ft up a slippery slope.
Every attempt to better position the Cruiser saw it edge closer to a tree and this wasn't good.

As a last resort my first suggestion was agreed apon, and once again we struggled up the hill and this time brought back my snow-chains.
With its wheels well into the mud, it wouldn't be easy but Muzby volunteered and lay down in the mud and together we got the chains loosely onto the Cruisers back wheels.
We spun the wheels a little and then re-tightened the chains and it was up to the boys.

What a difference, all of a sudden a seemingly hopeless situation was transformed and with little wheelspin the Cruiser was simply driven out and up the hill straight past my car and all was good.
The driver was quite simply amazed at how a cheap $150 accessory could have done what lockers wouldn't and a winch might have, but with a long difficult struggle. Conversion No 2.

Shortly later we were back at the house where apon Muzby's wife had by now been converted to the pleasures of instant Cappicino's and been given the secret formula for their making
and this was conversion No 3.

We finished the day off with an exciting drive through the dark forrest and some vanilla Latte's at the upmarket and seriously out of place Ruffy store and even the gathering storm clouds couldn't dim a wonderful weekend.
Robin Miller

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Reply By: PradOz - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 13:19

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 13:19
Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend. You better get out some of those high tech balloons too for the next weekend event you plan to ensure everyone makes it ok - hahaha amazing hey!
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Reply By: Member - MUZBRY(Vic) - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 15:07

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 15:07
I must thank Robin and Anne for the great place to be on a long weekend.
I must let all know that I have been lost before and will be lost again in the future. Not actually lost, but in the wrong place.You must know that Kathy was the navigator on Saturday, and I take the blame for her getting me in the wrong place as I have not taught her to read maps and directions.I was lead to believe that she knew everything.
PS... WE must get misplaced again soon.
Great place to be Mt Blue Rag 27/12/2012

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Reply By: Kim and Damn Dog - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 16:10

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 16:10
Robin & Anne

Many thanks for your hospitality.

On returning home, we managed to get the fence fixed in drenching rain.

The nail gun ran out of gas after two shots, so a relative easy job became a chore in the end.

But that wasn’t the finish of it. We headed off to get a bottle of whisky, and the mate was stung for using a mobile phone, whilst driving ($227?).

After he left, I noticed one of the rear tyres was flat. This may have happened when I went off into the bush further down the hill for a bit of a look (probably a bit of fence wire).

Can you give me the details again on the tyres you’re running on the Nissan again please? They are certainly a lot cheaper than Cooper STT’s.

PS In defence of myself and the others, we did'nt get lost. We're all members of the Bulloon Apreciation Society (BAS). LOL



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Follow Up By: Robin Miller - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:38

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:38
Hi Kim

That would drive one crazy ( getting a ticket while helping out).

The tyres I had on were Maxxis Big-horns for the weekend , nothing special just good all round not to aggressive muddies.

Was that the Bulloon or the Bull society you were members of ?

Robin Miller

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Reply By: Member - Murray R (VIC) - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:29

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:29
I was just over the hill at Ruffy this long weekend, similar weather but lots of fog. Unforturnatly I was unable to get over to join your invite as had busy weekend there.
Another Mexican

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Follow Up By: Robin Miller - Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:45

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 21:45
Hi Murray

Interesting , another we knew just signed the book at Produce store and left 15min before we arrived sunday afternoon as well.

We might meet there one day.
We are on the sharp edge of the Plateau overlooking Yarck and air drifts up rapidly from the valley more than 1000ft below and hence we don't get the fogs very much.

We just had hail here in Melbourne , and I am wondering if its snowy up there, we always seem to be in Melbourne when it does snow.

Robin Miller

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