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sorry for being so dumb as i've already posted this on the reply section but i'll repeat myself; has any one bought an add on gps for their ipac 3900 series (or other) and what success have you had 1/ 4wd tracks , 2/ navigating the streets of major cities and 3/ are there compatable street maps for adelaide?
thanks in anticipation
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Reply By: Member - Mik - Friday, Oct 31, 2003 at 16:07

Friday, Oct 31, 2003 at 16:07
After some resurch on this topic a while back, MY opoinion would be to stick clear of the CF gps and the sleave add ons for ipaqs. These types can cause problems with the cpu of the ipaq and can damage the op system. Was told due to these being in their first devalopment stage they are an unknown and unproven design.
search the forum you will find lots of posts concerning this topic. To answer your Q, 1) Exccelent, 2) easy, 3) plenty.

Hope this helps
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Reply By: BHarrison - Saturday, Nov 01, 2003 at 16:24

Saturday, Nov 01, 2003 at 16:24

Try the following sites

For the ALK/ Travroute CoPilot Bluetooth GPS transmitter / or jacket see

Or the

EMTAC CRUX II/ BTGPS Receiver /Jacket

The EMTAC hardware looks identical to the Travelroute product

Personally I run a Travroute GPS Jacket on a PDA as the Jacket can accommodate a CF (Compact Flash) memory card , this allows you up to 4 Gigabyte (current largest CF card if you have the Bucks ) of extra memory to store heaps of MAPs without having to cart and resort to Laptops/CD ROM,s (1 Cd ROM = 0.7 GB data) while leaving your PDA expansion slot Free

I have 1GB (A$500-00 worth ) and can store 100 x NATMAP 250K RAster maps converted to OZi explorer OZF2 format (gives 1/5 coverage of Australia @ approx 10Mb per map)

In the USA You can buy just the jacket or Bluetooth reciever (no software) for A$280-00 .
In Aus hardware versions only @$469-00 (EMTEC come Travroute)

They run excellent with OziExplorer (A$130-00 plus CE addon A$40-00=A$170-00) using the NatMap 2003 $A90-00 ( 2 Cd ROM,s 513 Maps x 1:250,000 scale ) these maps give good coverage and detail of Aus though not every map is always up to date, but not many digital alternatives ie 1:100 000

This gives you a compact medium screen size high res colour screen (between laptop and Garmin/Magellin) excellent Vehicle bush coverage system ,it can be removed from the 12V vehicle supply and walked with for approx 3hrs using the PDA battery (colour Backlit screen chews power) turning off Backlight and intermitant use of PDA/GPS as required extends life considerably
Aux battery packs can be made or brought ie Zinc/air batteries very interesting.
% continent covered depends upon CF memory size used in jacket and scale of mas but work on 1Gb =1/5 of Australian 250K Natmap raster series in OZF2 Format.

If you require Street Navigation the Travroute CoPilot4 Australian version of the software can be brought either independantly (A$695-00), or bundled with the Jacket or bluetooth version(A$1199-00)

for comparison in USA
Software only Travroute CoPilot4 USA version A$330-00 (10x database size 10X population)

Hardware (Jacket or Bluetooth) and software Travroute CoPilot4 USA version A$498-00

As better half lives in USA I had a very nice Bday present with USA HWare and Software Version ,then brought the AUS software for the same outlay as the AUS HWare and Software Version

What version iPAQ PDA you link it up to is up to you

You may also need a PDA mount

Hope this helps
have fun
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Follow Up By: fj - Saturday, Nov 01, 2003 at 18:07

Saturday, Nov 01, 2003 at 18:07
great work-did you buy your blue tooth gps in the us with the street nav software-is there a problem with warranty etc-some of the replys on the forum site have advised to keep clear of us product supply for that reason , thanks
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Follow Up By: BHarrison - Sunday, Nov 02, 2003 at 13:35

Sunday, Nov 02, 2003 at 13:35

Brought jacket version with software and US streetmap database as better halfs family is US bases, warranty is not a problem for me.

Travroute AUS and US are seperate businesses at the financial level so dont expect much sympathy re warranty from AUS supplier.

To weigh up the costs from USA Jacket(includes External extension antenna) or Bluetooth Hardware only=AUS 280-00 plus shipping and customs(10%) say $375-00 landed then buy AUS version of street navigation @ A695-00 =A$1070-00

for the extra $120-00 Id go aussie supplier (the jacket wasnt quite available in Aus when I got mine and the quoted RRP then was 25% higher,tried to haggle re price for unit maps ,oziexplorer etc etc but they wouldnt negotiate so with my contacts went USA route, 8 months later they drop their prices,
I tried to go Aussie business but wasnt enjoying the ripoff experience.)

looked at bluetooth version but settled on jacket for following reasons

1)jacket full version comes with optional external cabled magnetic antenna as bonus, mine sits centre front of dash and works fine, but can be cabled to the roof if you so desire

2) Jacket has CF slot that allows up to 4GB extra memory great for storing xtra maps leaving iPAQ memory and expansion slot free

3)wireless technology consumes bulk power from iPAQ shortening battery life when not connected to 12v power

4)Bluetooth antenna has LiIon rechargeable battery that lasts only 6 Hrs unless you plug in battery charger (oops cable to the roof again)

5)when walking where do you put an antenna that needs charging every 6 Hrs, a single consolidated unit is easier to handle,turn on /off to conserve power and recharge

hope this helps

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Reply By: Niko - Sunday, Nov 02, 2003 at 20:18

Sunday, Nov 02, 2003 at 20:18
Good write up FJ. I agree with you, the Travroute is looking the picture. The earlier CF acrd GPS was a worry as Mik said but the issue I have is the angle the GPS antenna use to be at. Haico now has an antenna that is adjustable so that it is horizontal whilst the PDA can be at the normal 45 degree or so angle.
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