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The full front page of today's Glen Innes paper is taken up with the now prohibition of camping in any of the local PP TSR's. It (the PP board) cites for the Mann R 200 plus campers over Christmas, the resultant garbage left, dogs roaming loose, firearms being discharged, trail bikes on private property etc.
Well, if this is the case, good enough. I mentioned this location on this forum several months ago. Possible mistake made. But there may also be another factor, ie up until 3/4 yrs. ago nearly all the eastern side bush was state forest where one could camp, fish, fossick etc., with your dog (but please take it and your rubbish home with you) You would see forestry workers who would always say g'day, offer a few clues on the fishing etc. and generally help if it was needed. And it always seemed clean and garbage free.
But then a major change occurred, it all suddenly became "National Park" Lock the gates, get caught in there no g'day but a stiff fine instead. Barricade all the fire trails (a no brainer that one) and for the ones they do let you in a hefty entry fee applies Perhaps this is why campers have now adopted this type of behavior.(sad if true)
So for this area at least, what should be PUBLIC land available to all is now PRIVATE land with a $500 fine (todays rag) if caught camping there.
I cant help thinking an uprising must be due!
cheers haze
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Reply By: Nomad - Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 00:27

Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 00:27
Shoot Mate!!

Don't know much about Glen Innes but by the sound of it I don't want to.

Guess it's another example of the Greenies getting every thing locked up to preserve it for the people of the country. Trouble is, the people are not allowed to enter the land to see what great stuff we have locked up. Makes sense huh???

How many disasterous fires have we had, with loss of life and property, because the greenies have had the bush locked up and had burn offs banned. At the end of the day, what they are trying to protect has been destroyed, with loss of life, property and all the animals they are also trying to protect.

Geez, listen to me! Going off the dep end here. But, fair dinkum mate, these greenies are off the planet, and they will stuff the planet because of their very narrow view of reality.

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Reply By: Moose - Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 14:47

Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 14:47
G'day Haze
That sure is a nice spot down there. Pity it's been closed off. I doubt that you mentioning it on this site earlier was in any way responsible. But I reckon it's best to keep quiet about any nice spots because you never know what sort of ratbag could be reading the post. There's too few nice spots as it is.
Hey I gather you're a GI local. Used to live in Tenterfield many moons ago. Just love all that Tablelands area. Live in Brisbane now but regularly get back down there. Run a club trip each Easter to show some of the city lads some nice spots. Doing so again this year but not going as far as GI - will be sticking to Drake area. Actually used one of the TSR's on last year's trip (but I went to the trouble of getting permission from the head fella at Grafton first - just as well as he was there horse riding himself that weekend). In fact on the PP Board website there has always been provision for fines for camping on TSR's without permission. They should have fined those idiots who abused the place. I guess the PP mob don't have the personnel to do the proper policing so it's easier to shut it up.
Mate how local are you? Might be able to exchange info one day!
If you ever see a white 80 series with a Moose spare wheel cover roaming around give us a call on UHF 20.
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Reply By: Jeff (Beddo) - Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 21:35

Friday, Jan 09, 2004 at 21:35
You blame the greenies - you are right they lobby the National Parks to such a high level with form letters and all. They have numerous active clubs and organisations that are keen to ensure the area is not let open to rubbish and those type of people that ruin it for the rest of us which do the right thing.
I suggest that you all keep an eye the National Parks web site and newspapers etc for the advertising of "exhibition" of Draft Plans of Management for parks and reserves etc. This is where you can have comment on the future use of areas. The BIG GREEN groups are very active in this area whereas the 4WD groups etc are not and so the result is that the Plans of Management end up being weighted towards the green groups. So keep an eye out and provide comment. In a number of areas I know National Parks in NSW are working with the 4WD Association - providing controlled access to particular areas - helps in maintenance of the areas and ensures that access is permitted.Cheers, Beddo
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