Review: Shotz Electrolyte Tablets Box 8

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An essential if you've been sweating a lot.
If you don't replace your salts when you're out hiking, working in the heat or exercising then you can run into trouble very quickly.
Both the lemon and orange flavours are refreshing, tangy and don't leave the usual briny taste in the mouth like chemist brands. If you have trouble swallowing the brands advertised on TV, like I do, then you will probably find Shotz much more pleasant to use.
One of the best features about this brand is the strength of each tab. 1 tab to 500ml is much better than anything you can buy from the chemist and supermarket. Compared to the price and strength of other brands Shotz is great value for money.
The big advantage of using Shotz electrolytes over sports drinks and powders is the lack of artificial colours and flavour enhancers. You won't get a red cordial hit out of these, it won't rot your teeth or damage your stomach lining and is gentle enough to use in the evening without disturbing your sleep.
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