Three days without the car...

Monday, Jul 14, 2008 at 23:11

Member - Ros C (VIC)

The car went off to ARB for it's new bits and pieces last week. Hard to be without it for three days, but some of that was curiosity about what they were doing to it, and how it would turn out.

I joined a tour of the ARB factory last month, and came away very impressed with the size and quality of the organisation - R & D, quality control, and customer service. (No I don't have shares in the place.) Looking forward to trying the shocks and rear air locker at Yarck where the Landcruiser Club has a property for members to improve their driving skills. Must say the car is higher than I expected, so I hope the shocks relax a bit over the first 500 Km. Bull bar and snorkel seem fine, so now I can drive to Tasmania.

Next thing is to take delivery of a trailer, custom made to take the camping gear including an Oztent. It's been four months in the making and it's getting too close for comfort to my holiday departure. There's a lot of packing to do and two weeks is not much time to get it all ship-shape now.

Decided to go for a BlueApple Thumper rather than a second battery under the bonnet. Too many stories about batteries shaking loose and not enough space for a large enough deep cycle battery to do the job. Have experienced the latter problem and it turned out to be an expensive lemon - twice. If something isn't working, try something different!
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