Day 5 Mystery Box Rally – Getting There - Burra to Mildura 18 October 2018

Friday, Oct 19, 2018 at 09:00

Peter Beard (WA)

Sunshine and a light breeze greeted Pete and Ali in the lovely little town of Burra with its stately old buildings, a lovely little creek meandering behind the hotel, a plethora of churches, wide roads and quaint little shops. Henry was on his way around 10:30, no hurry today, just a relatively short 340km across the border into Victoria and into Mildura.

The Goyder Line for agriculture is clear and distinct – for the first few kilometres the road runs through lovely farming country but in a blink it crosses the “line” and it's back to sparse, scrubby bush land that does not support much vegetation let alone agriculture. It isn’t until Renmark that things begin to change, thanks to the mighty Murray River. Grapevines and fruit trees suddenly brighten the scenery with fresh light green foliage. A very rich part of Australia indeed.

From Renmark it’s a straight line along the Sturt Highway across to Mildura, the Murray meandering away to the south. Pete and Ali reached the city late in the afternoon and happily moved in to a townhouse, home for the next two days. Tomorrow it will be washing, shopping and other preparation, today it is relax and wash off the dust of five days on the road.

Pete and Ali met up with a whole bunch of fellow Mystery Boxers at an informal catch up at the Black Stump Bistro just one block from “home”. An excited and eager group of mad folk, all looking forward to the next five days days on the road with no idea where they are going. Dinner at the motel restaurant then an early night, both Pete and Ali looking forward to a sleep in and a restful day tomorrow.


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