Cape York or bust 27th May Sandy way rest area Yulara

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 21:23

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Wahigu Rockholes to Sandy way rest area
Km travelled today = 673 km
Fuel cost at = Warankora $2.40 Docker River $2.35
High points = The ever changing scenery.
Minimal dust.
Low Points = The road condition in places.

General = Another morning waking under a carpet of stars that just go on for ever. How blessed to have this joy in the morning. Yes an early start, as it’s cold it takes some getting out of my warm bed but worth the vista of stars that await me. The other joy is the flies are still in bed so brekkie and packing up before they join the fun. The condition of the road varies from wide and smooth to standard width, sand and ruff. Some of the dips catch me out as they are not signposted and appear very quickly. On the run into Warburton we come across a stretch of bitumen, what a joy but only a teaser as it soon runs out. After Warburton the dips are very interesting and require careful navigation. Along the way the surrounding vegetation is green and looking very fresh. The spinifex is shining with it’s coat of dew and the morning sun hitting them. We push on through groves of medium sized trees that look as though they have been sown for our pleasure. They stretch as far as the eye can see on both sides of the road. Schewerin Mural Crescent and the Peterman Ranges make a pleasant change from the flatter surrounds. An area well worth a longer visit another time. At Irving creek I pull of the road for a break and there is a motor cyclist preparing to head away. Chatting to him he indicates his intention to return to Perth via the Gunbarrel hwy. While in Docker river I had chatted to a fellow traveller (Discovery driver) who had just come in on the Gunbarrel. He indicated it was well washed away and he found it challenging so passed on the info. Not too soon the end of the GCR comes into view and the Olgas loom up. With the return to the blacktop I air up the tyres and head for tonight’s camp. An interesting part of our great land, yes I would do it again. Sandy way rest area 28km east of Yulara and home for the night. Just far enough off the road for road noise to be reduced as I now sit and listen to the generators humming away. It’s been a good day, now to sleep.
Hugh Dorey
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