Cape York or Bust 28th May Sandy way rest area to Eastern Chief Bore West

Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 14:13

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Sandy way rest area, Yalara to Eastern Chief Bore West Harts Range
Km travelled today = 661 km
Fuel cost at = Curtin Springs $2.24 and gas pump out of service; Alice Springs $1.799
High points = Still in awe of this great land of ours, goes on for ever and always changing.
Condition of the roads.
Low points = The last 55km of today’s journey, the Plenty lives up to it’s reputation.

General= Another early start but later than other days. It must be the time shift that has me out of wack. The night was very cold, I awoke during the night with my ears frozen. The camp spot was quiet and so were the other campers. Today’s driving was on the black top all be it the last 55km. The road to the Stuart Hwy is very good and we shared it with mostly tour buses heading the other way. Yesterday’s groves of trees appeared and give the impression they grow in belts east to west. The mornings are great as the dew still being on the plants gives them a shining appearance. When Mt Connor came into view you could be forgiven for thinking you had time warped to South Africa and were in Cape town looking at the mountain. Mt Connor stands alone, flat topped and proud. How long is it you ask? Best consult an atlas or Google but it looked very large. Angus Station is green with signs of recent rains. The end of the Lasseter Hwy and on to the Stuart and north to Alice. We shop at Coles for top up supplies and find prices on par. On note, using the gents cost 50c but the up side the loos are spotless, quite a joy. As I take a wrong turn I am driving around the back streets of Alice and find clean, wide tree lines streets to drive in. OK going in the correct direction now, ( Need my trusty navigator and social director with me), and head for fuel and onward. The drive to the Plenty on good road with an open speed limit. Not many cars pass me though so I must be doing OK. (100km) I had been warned of the Plenty Hwy with one man in Alice liking it to the Gibb River Road, well the bitumen runs out 45km before Hart Range police station and the fun begins. Speed reduced after a stop to reduce tyre pressure. The truck traffic heading the other way catches me out. Most are freight or similar road trains and they are very courteous. They may approach on your side of the road but soon enough return to their side. A Landcruser throws a fist sized bundi at Bazza who deftly catches it on the front window frame and no damage, whew, this road with a broken windscreen, I would need a respirator. Yes lots of dust and size three corrugations, size five being Steep Point sized. Hema Camp 6 shows a rest area at Eastern Chief Bore West so there for the night. Arriving at the location I see a windmill and stock yards 200mts off the road and nothing else. So through the gate and set up camp. The cattle start to come in for the evening and are having a good old sing song, possibly not much sleep tonight. It is much warmer though so one joy.
I am having trouble uploading photos, limited reception so will add them when in Cairns.
Tomorrow Boulia and beyond if the road lets up with the corrugations.
Hugh Dorey
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