Cape York or Bust 16th July Birdsville take 2

Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014 at 06:23

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Birdsville to Birdsville
Km travelled today = 534 km (two days)
Fuel cost at = Birdsville $1.84
High points = A chance to see the sand dunes close up.
Low points = Incorrect instructions = bogged.
After yesterday I was too shattered to write the blog so two days in one. The road from Windorah to the Inland oil field is bitumen. After that the road is interesting as the wet has made sections very slippery with one traveller with a fifth wheeler became bogged twice and returning to Birdsville to wait for firmer roads. I enjoy a stop in Birdsville and tour the pub. Wonderful history and interesting photos. Asking if all is well on the track I follow the instructions given and enjoy crossing the border into SA. The track is in very good condition and I am surprised not to find others enjoying the sand dunes. They run east west so crossings have been made at lower points. After some time I become aware I am alone and the tyre tracks are not very new, HEMA indicates I am on the track so I push on. A mob of camels amuse me by running alongside the car all a lather and slobbering profusely. I start to encounter wet boggy sections and again no tyre tracks. Pushing on I find the going is very heavy and all too soon become hopelessly bogged. All my efforts are a waste so I settle down for a night under the stars. With the vehicle on a 30 deg lean into the bog no chance of using the tent so camp stretcher and sleeping bag. A very cold night and early morning. Again I try to extract myself but not having any of it. I place a call on the sat phone and the good folk at the Birdsville Roadhouse are on their way. Oh I now find out I am on the inside track that has been closed for months! Wrong directions. Peter arrives and a welcome sight he is. He has me out and on my way back to Birdsville in no time. A free car wash is available in town so Bazza loses 20 or 30 Kg of mud. Tonight in Birdsville, hot shower and away early in the morning on the correct track. Moral of this little saga, double check directions although the signs for most roads around here say CLOSED.
Hugh Dorey
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