Cape York or Bust 17th June camp SA513,Hookina creek

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 at 09:06

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Birdsville to camp 6, SA513,Hookina creek
Km travelled today = 738 km
Fuel cost at = Maree $1.99
High points = The Birdsville track and the forever changing scenery .
Low points = The Birdsville Track.
With the sun below the horizon, I set off on the correct Birdsville Track, the outside track. I am expecting a track and find myself on a well formed road. Somewhat confused, I check I am on the correct track, I press on as the HEMA has me heading in the right direction and on the correct track. After an hour or so I find the track is a little ruff with gibbers banging and clanging underneath but not the track I was expecting. My thoughts are where are the Wicked campers and the intrepid young travellers for this track is suitable for 2 wheel drive cars if driven with care. The further south I go the better the track becomes with black top speeds possible on a lot of the sections. Care at grids and exiting dips but a very pleasant drive. The scenery is gradually changing with more hills and less moon scapes. At the Cooper Creek camp area low and behold a Toyota Hiace 2 wheel drive camper. 50 or so Km down the road a vehicle is coming up behind me and guess who, yes the camper. I was doing 95 and it passed me and disappeared into the distance. Maree, the end of the Birdsville track, a small friendly town and the end of my adventure. The road from here is well travelled so I will end my blog at this point. One final round up to follow, including a link to pictures.
Tomorrow push on towards Perth and home.
Hugh Dorey
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