Cape York or Bust 4th June Cape Bedford

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2014 at 18:29

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Archer point to Cape Bedford nth of Cooktown
Km travelled today = 124 km
High Points = Being forced to change our itenary.
Meeting a local and finding out some history.
Low points =Not mush further towards the cape.
Road closures.

Last night was extremely windy and the occasional down pour left me with little sleep. I awoke fearful of packing up the tent in the rain but no, the wind has dried out any rain that managed to arrive on the tent. A short run into Cooktown for a look around and minor mechanical repairs. As with most things mechanical what looks like a small issue takes for ever so end up not leaving Cooktown until early arvo. The short run to Cape Bedford looks like a the go and an easy run to boot. Previous indications were the fishing is good so early to our camp and relax. Before leaving Cooktown I looked up the National Parks office to update the info I have on road conditions. Not good news, most of the roads in the NPs north of here are closed with some not expected to open until the end of June. The cyclone that went through created havoc and they are still trying to open the roads. OK NP’s off the visiting list, no drama. On to the Shire office and a chat with the roads engineer. This I did not want to hear, more road closures or roads open but not cleared or repaired from the cyclone. Some of the roads off the peninsular development road ear marked for a visit MAY be passable but not recommended. The suggestion is to go straight to the cape and work back as some roads may be cleared by then. They are working north on road repairs so the most northerly roads could be later this month. Also the Dixi track is an unknown at present due the black soil in this part of the cape, it stays wet longer apparently. More track re-planning. So on to Cape Bedford and what a little gem it is. The road to Hope Ville is mostly bitumen with few concerns. Farming scenery with content cattle grazing and green lush bush. Approaching the Cape you pass a sign indicating a camp site is there. It is not very clear and as the info I had indicated free camping I drove past. Well not far down the track a vehicle caught up and I stopped. It turns out this is private land and no camping allowed unless in the camp area. I agree to return and stay at the camp after conquering the Cape track. All agreed but must stay on the track, no side diversions. The track becomes very interesting with deep fords, steep hills on 45 degree angles, sideways that is and to finish me off the vegetation closes in on the track making it almost impossible to continue. Without the roof top tent and annex I may of continued but my set up left me no choice but to admit defeat. A few good photo opportunities then back to the camp. For $10 you get a magnificent view of the bay, free fire wood, your choice of camp places, cold water showers (very refreshing) and an owner who is prepared to share the history of the area. One tip bit, this area was taken over by the USA during WW2 as a strategic base and the owners were relocated. Better than what come from any book. Well dinner has been eaten, the camp is filling up and the mozzies are becoming friendly so time to move indoors. Oh not sure if this is a bonus, phone signal available.
Hugh Dorey
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