Cape York or bust 6th June Seisia

Saturday, Jun 07, 2014 at 06:49

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Coen to Sesia
Km travelled today = 456 km
Fuel cost at = Archer river $2.25; Bramwell Jcn $2.102; Jardine Ferry $2.40
High points = The quality of the roads.
More wonderful friendly folks
Low points = Rain and wet roads.
I did not mention this yesterday but at the camp ground in Coen there are large trees in the background. Well I noticed a few black shapes there when setting up my camp. It turned out they were a few of the hundreds, no exaggeration, of fruit bats living in the trees. Come dark time the chorus of bat voices rose up, the sky was darkened and sh—rained down. Sticky yellow globs on the tent and car! This morning I tried to stay in bed a little longer but our flying friends had different ideas. Just on dawn they returned full of song and more yellow globs. With rain gently falling brekkie was eaten and a wet tent packed away. I need a day of sunshine to help dry everything out as I fear mould could be my friend. The road north is in excellent condition until 20km or so before Archer River RH. Roads works in progress then a merry dance to Archer RRH. For the rest of the run north a very enjoyable trip with a good road, lush scenery, happily grazing horses and considerate travellers. With the bitumen floodway’s and overtaking opportunities the road is always keeping surprises waiting for you. The occasional washout had the brakes working overtime but with me traveling at 80 to 85kph not a real issue. I stuck my nose into the start of the Telegraph track at Bramwell Junction with no intention of giving it a go. Not good feedback about the track, one vehicle coming out with a broken windscreen and much paint missing. My goal the Cape so I push on. At Jardine River I pay for the ferry, $129 return and ask is there an alternative? You guess the answer. It is a mighty river flowing strongly and full to the banks. Not sure if it is always like this but it is very impressive. A swim would be good but I think I would end up a long way down stream or a long way down a croks neck so stay in the car. The short run into Bamanga takes no time and as school is out many brightly dressed children running along the road. I decide to book in at Seisia caravan park, a little luxury, a Lodge room for $85 per night. Good to have a shower and not put the tent up tonight as rain still coming through in squalls. The caravan park is right on the beach with magnificent views across the bay. Trinity Bay is tied up at the wharf loaded and ready for return to Cairns. Memories for you Willi! My wander along the beach over, dinner is on my mind. When I return to the Lodge complex, actually six single rooms, I start to chat to the other couple staying here. They kindly invite me to join then for lamb casserole and baked vegies, can I say no? Boy a wonderful meal and fine conversation to end another memorable day. Mobile phone working but poor internet and no wifi. Travel log will have to wait until I get back into town. Tomorrow the Cape.
Hugh Dorey
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