Cape York or bust 7th June Mutee Head

Monday, Jun 09, 2014 at 11:15

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Sesia to Cape York and on to Mutee Head
Km travelled today = 176 km
Fuel cost at = Bamaga $2.30
High points = Cape York yea
Low points = Still raining and blowing a gale from the east.
0430 and I am awake. I am not sure if it is excitement or trepidation, the goal of this trip to be achieved today. I rest fitfully until 0600 then have brekkie and away. The road to the cape is good until the Punsand beach turn off then the road becomes a track. I am not sure if this is deliberate to keep the feeling of adventure or a track waiting for an upgrade. Along the way I encounter 4x4 buses, all kinds of 4 wheel drives and one two wheel drive duel cab full of young men. So all kinds of vehicles can make it. On the last leg of the trip to the cape I decided to divert to Somerset to view the ruins and the beach. Bazza gave me his first oh my gosh moment, he would not start. Cranked over OK but no fuel. One last try before pressing the panic button and he fired back into life, whew, on to the cape. The car parking area was full so parked on a large rock. The track to the Cape is not marked. As I could not see anyone to follow, I asked a man the way. It appears there are two tracks, over the hill and the other along the beach and over the last hill, so went with the beach option. Reaching the objective of this trip I became somewhat sad. A long way from home, no one to share the moment with but an achievement none the less. OK the Cape, a simple placard indicates where you are standing, the sea around is ruff and the strong easterly is making sure hats are firmly on. The rocks look the same as elsewhere in this great land but the area feels different. An experience not well described but best experienced in the flesh, special. I linger for a while soaking it all up before heading back to the car and planning my next stop. Punsand bay resort sounds too good not to miss so off I go. The track into Punsand varies between track and road. The resort appears to be a caravan park with a swimming pool, restaurant and bar. The beach is beautiful and a helicopter is parked on it awaiting customers at $80 a throw. Where now? Mutee Head sounds interesting and on the west side so should be less wind. Well the 30 minute drive from the main road brings me to a small slice of paradise. There are road works at the junction and the start of the road is a work in progress. Less than 5km further on I am back on a typical Qld gravel road, 80mph while looking out for the washouts. I take the first turn off and spy a possible camp spot at the rear of the area. Three other campers are their and a camp oven is generating wonderful aromas. I chat to one of the other couples and settle on a spot for the night. Fishing poor but no rain and little wind, a real joy. As this was a radar and gun placement during the second world war, I take a hike to look at what is left. The old radar dish and mechanism stand out against the surrounding scrub. A single gun placement is easily found near by. This must have been one hard location to be posted, especially if not used to a hot and steamy climate. Other infrastructure can be found but all in disrepair. As the objective of this trip has been met, tomorrow I will be heading south. Weipa my next major stop but will try to stay away until the fishing comp is over.
Hugh Dorey
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