Cape York or bust 8th June Bramwell Station

Monday, Jun 09, 2014 at 11:15

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Mutee Head to Bramwell Station
Km travelled today = 445 km
Fuel cost at = Jardine Ferry $2.40
High points = Turning south and heading for home.
Bicycle riders on the telegraph track.
Bush turkeys and dingos.
Low points =Rain, rain and more rain.
General = During the night I was awoken by the sound of heavy rain. The rain continued until after I had packed up and left. Another wet tent packed away! With more places to see I put this behind me. On to Vrilya Point. The 29km diversion is via a track, very interesting with fords, a log bridge with steep approach and departure, washouts a plenty and corrugations, lots of corrugations. The reward is well worth the 1.5 hrs it took to get there. Magnificent beaches, some protected camp spots and a wide beach with 4x4s launching tinnies. Fishing looks the go with rocky sections and sandy sections along the beach. Definitely a choice spot to camp. I head back to the main road with the rain falling constantly, not always heavily but there. The PDR is holding up well and I am able to make good progress, heading for Eliot/ Twin and Fruit bat falls. I take the northern diversion track, not sign posted so relied on the GPS and HEMA maps. An interesting little track joining up with the telegraph track. On the Telegraph track I dip and weave through the obstacles unsure of the condition of the fords. Luckily I catch up to another vehicle and watch and learn how they ford the first few creeks. Most slow flowing but swollen so deeper than I expected. They peeled off into a camp spot leaving me to ponder the next few fords alone. The next and last for me was the longest and deepest. I was lucky to have 4 other vehicles planning their way through, so listened and then watched them cross. Looks OK so my turn and off I go. When the water came over the bonnet I as a little surprised as it did not appear to have the same affect on the other vehicles. Must be my learner technique. Eliot and twin falls very impressive with the water luke warm and inviting. No one else at the falls but one tour bus n the camp area with camp struck and smoke coming from their fire. I push on to Fruit Bat Falls. Her I find two families enjoying a feed and again the falls all to my self. Water a little cooler but refreshing to have a dip in the rain. I leave the telegraph track and had to Bramwell. Rain settles in and the road starts to become sloshy, still able to push along. I turn into Bramwell and book in. There are a lot of campers already here and a large contingency of motor bikes. Tonight is country and western night with two guest artists from the Gold coast. $10 for a camp spot, choose where you like. Tomorrow Weipa and see if the fishing comp is over and room at the inn.
Hugh Dorey
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