Cape York or bust 9th June Musgrave Road House via Weipa

Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014 at 19:37

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Bramwell Station to Musgrave Roadhouse
Km travelled today = 550 km
Fuel cost at = Coen $1.88
High points = Sunshine and good roads
Low points = Sloppy roads = I now have a red vehicle
I sound like I am repeating myself but packed up in the rain again. A really heavy down pour as I started to pack up. The road through Batavia Downs to the Weipa road is in good shape, the usual creek crossings and occasional sloppy spots. At the road junction York has many round bails in the paddocks. Cattle are grazing in growth that is higher than they are, only spied them through an opening in the prolific growth. Arriving in Weipa it is very quiet with little activity. I had been told there was a fishing comp on this weekend but no sign of anyone, all out fishing I suppose. Being the Queen’s birthday long weekend EVERYTHING is CLOSED! OK the tackle shop is open but even the servo is closed. After a drive around the town and the lake I head out of town. It looks like a smart mining town but today quiet. The road out of Weipa to the junction with the Cape York road is very good and allows a little extra speed without risk. From the junction to Coen a few areas affected by the rain but generally OK. Most of the floodway’s are flowing with varying degrees of flow. With the sun shining at Coen I decide it is only 108km to Musgrave Roadhouse so should be there in an hour or so. Wrong. Just out of Coen I am stopped by the police, a road blockage a little further on so all to stop while it is cleared. ½ hr we are told. I decide to wait. After nearly an hour we are OK to go but in convoy behind the police vehicle. This should have been alarm bells but silly me I followed along. Well the road has become a bog, three semi trailers in all sorts of bother and the road a mess. Well this is the way the road stayed most of the way to Musgrave. What should of taken 1.5 hrs took nearly 2.5 hrs and fighting all the way, not the most relaxing drive. Other cars fly past me slipping and sliding in the slop. I am happy at my speed but conscious it is getting dark. During this fun I encounter the first steer to bolt across the road, just what I need, more fun. Joy upon joy I make it to Musgrave, book in and set up a wet tent. $10 for the camp spot and looking forward to a hot shower. Due to the road conditions I will have to re-thing my track to Karumba
Hugh Dorey
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