Cape York or bust 2014

Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013 at 09:40

Hugh D (WA)

What is on your bucket list?
One of the must do before returning home ( To our maker) for me is driving to Cape York. With this single thought in mind a long term plan has been hatching.
First was the vehicle, which one, what do I need, will I be able to sustain the long drive?
The vehicle I settled on is a Land Rover Defender 110. Good condition, strong engine and a robust frame for my mods.
What do I need? A roof top camper so not towing, water storage, extra fuel tanks and a few mechanical mods.
OK the hard one, get fit and stay fit. Less ice cream and red wine, bugger.

Move forward to today, where are we up to. Vehicle fitted out and most items tested (winch not tested). Roof top camper away for mods after extensive testing requiring many trips away. How we suffer!
Fitness, coming along now to maintain the rage.

The planning.
Our trip date was set for July 2013 but circumstances changed and now the date is locked in for 28th July 2014 to leave Perth. I am looking to go via Great Central Road and the Outback Way to Cairns, allowing five days drive. Two weeks on the cape then same way home. All up looking for four weeks away from Perth. This trip is focusing on the cape area, not the many wonderful temptations on the way so any time saved getting there will allow more wandering at the cape.

Well all for today, as I continue with the planning I will update my blog. I will add photo's for more enjoyment as relevant pics come to hand.

A little of the set up coming with me.

29th September Update.
I went to a fare well party last night and spent most of the night talking to Bill, a tour operator. Bill has just returned from four trips to the cape driving a Merc 30 seat 4x4 tour coach. Very interesting and heaps of pointers re roads, camping, fuel etc. The main tip was our timing for next years trip. He suggested we avoid August as nearly every adventurer is at Cape York in this month. So taking this advise, June will be our date for visiting Cape York. Exact date for leaving Perth, looking at 28th May. Now timing for leaving under review. Would like it to be tomorrow but patience.

28th December

Still on track for getting away on the 27th May. Off work at present but looking for a three month contract to take me closer to June. Bazza running well, going to change the coolant over the next few days. Also going to replace the standard radio/CD with a unit that has USB and aux capability. With the back of the vehicle generally full of gear I want the rear speakers in the middle of the vehicle. The quote I have included the move and neat boxes to fit the new speakers into. Looking to go for a test run trip very soon, good to test out the camping gear and other bits and pieces.

Hugh Dorey
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