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Sunday, Aug 28, 2011 at 07:29


Sorry that it has been a while since we have displayed any information about our big trip and I am sure Jen will explain in more detail @ some stage of the places we have explored.
We needed to put up a photo of Darlee 1 st birthday
Its funny you know when you are on an adventure it doesn't matter what happens if everyone is ok to tell the tale another day its been a good adventure.
We have met quite a few people along the way and its amazing what types of conversations come up, great words of wisdom and who knows who in the zoo.
We are @ crossing at the moment we were only supposed to come in and re fuel but we decided to stop into the lodge and treat ourselves to an easy day with no set-up or pack up of the camper trailer.
We were in Derby the other day at a spot called the cuttings and we were approached by some aboriginals asking us for a hand in jump starting there 75 series Landcruiser that had the doors roped on, no ignition and every panel bashed in. We snatch the car to ours and to my amazement the car started. Then we were asked for matches, ciggies, booze. As we started to leave their cars clutch went and it seemed like they wanted to come on a trip around Australia with us but unfortunately I did not have enough room for the 2 of them and their 3 dogs.
We have so many more funny stories which we will put up but as the sun rises its time for us to set upon the next adventure.


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